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LINUS: Five Stars

A book with great impact

I loved this story. It touched me deeply on so many levels. Having had a large family, and all the challenges that come with a large family, I related to Susan and Brent in this story on almost every page. And when they reached their greatest trial, I shed many tears of empathy for them, having experienced some of the same feelings. I would recommend this book for all ages from ten years and up. It will expand your understanding of how parents relate to and feel about their children, and how true friends relate to each other. You will never find a more perfect story of friendship! I loved every minute on every page, and could hardly take time to eat or sleep until I finished this wonderful book.


A Great Read

This book is fascinating and fun to read. The story is moving, tender, complicated and endlessly surprising. It reminds me of the movie "Groundhog Day" in that every time I thought the author had tapped this idea out, she came up with something new and original and interesting. While Gifted dips a toe into the realm of the fantastic, its themes are totally relevant to real life. Karey White employs the miraculous to illustrate the impact of one mortal's existence the way Capra did in "It's a Wonderful Life." Gifted is Capraesque in other ways too. The characters are real people with the problems, flaws, and challenges of real people. I enjoyed this book very much.

MARCI: Five Stars

A Delightful Book

Gifted was captivating from the first page. A scrumptious read! You will love Anna and her sweet spirit. I couldn't put this book down. It's one of those stories that I want to enjoy over and over again, the kind I'd love to snuggle up with on a frosty day with a cup of hot chocolate. A definite must-read for anyone.

DAN: Five Stars

Wonderful Story!

I loved this story about friendship and family. It kept my interest, surprised me and made me eager for more. Read it while traveling on business and I can't wait to have my wife and daughters read it. The book is well-written and worth reading.

BOOKWORM: Five Stars

A Book With Heart

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and had trouble putting it down. It's charming, heartfelt and emotional. The characters are real and relatable. So looking forward to another the next book by this author.

ALLI: Five Stars


This was an amazing book. Read it so fast and am planning to reread it. As a teenager, it was interesting to read from Susan's perspective and see the struggles and joy Brent and Susan go through. It was also great to read about Anna and Kelsey's friendship. It made me look at my own friendships and relate to them. I felt like I knew Kelsey and Anna and was their friend. This is an incredible book and I LOVED it.


A Must Read

I loved this book, couldn't put the book down, finished it in 2 days! Kept the readers attention and had me thinking days after I finished the book. A must read!

girl with her nose in a book: Four Stars

You Won't Be Disappointed

Although this book wasn't complete "reality", I very much related to the parents and their struggles to know how to best let their gifted child, Anna, experience the world. There were events that made me evaluate my own life, my own children, and my relationship with others. This book will definitely make you think! I was very engrossed in the story and had a hard time putting it down at times. Get this book, read it... you won't be disappointed.

RamaRPh: Five Stars

Couldn't Put It Down!!!

This thought-provoking story keeps your attention the whole way through with an unexpected twist in the end. It has a strong message about friendship and will leave you thinking about your beliefs and what is truly important in life. This story makes you think and makes you feel. I highly recommend this amazing book!

LOU: Five Stars

Truly A Gift

I loved this book. Having a child of my own, I understood the concerns that Brent and Susan had as they tried to understand what Anna was experiencing. I also understood the worry they experienced throughout the book and the reasons why they wanted to protect her. Anna's gifts made me want to evaluate my own life and see what I could do to bring beauty and JOY into the lives of those around me.
I was impressed with the ways Karey White was able to continue to take me on a journey of emotions as I related to the characters. I smiled, I cried. It was a journey of love, JOY, suspense, friendship, and gratitude with a twist at the end that left me in awe. It was very powerful to me... and I just began reading it again.

Lori: Five Stars

A Must Read

I loved reading this book.From the beginning it holds your attention and gives you much to think about. The characters are easily related to and so very real.You will share their ups and downs as if you were there.Reading this book will give you a fresh perspective on your own life and make you evaluate what is really important.
DANA: Five Stars

Beautiful Story For All Ages

I couldn't put this book down! A beautiful story of love, compassion, faith and hope. Anna will steal your heart and leave you pondering your own gifts and mission in life. Written from a Mormon perspective, the daily life assumes the reader understands the culture of Latter-Day Saints but it does not rely heavily on it. The message is universal and very relatable to readers of all ages teen to adult. I'm looking forward to Ms. White's next work!



alittleme: Five Stars

What a great book. I started this yesterday and couldn't put it down. I kept thinking I'd go to bed after I finished the chapter and then when I did, I had to keep going. I stayed up way to late and finished the book. Then I couldn't sleep because I couldn't stop thinking about it.

At first I thought Anna's gifts would be great. But as I continued to read, I realized what a mixed blessing they were. It's interesting to think that something so wonderful could actually be difficult. I loved the relationship between Anna and her friend. This book moved me to tears a couple of times.

I'd recommend this book to everyone. It's entertaining, thought-provoking and inspiring. In fact, I want my teenage daughter to read it soon. It's good for all of us to be reminded that we really can make a big difference in someone else's life.

From Bethany on LDS Publisher blog

I bought Gifted from and just finished it. It was so, so good. I couldn't put it down and I loved the characters. Would have loved to win it but I'm glad I already got to read it. It really makes you think. Whoever wins it is in for a real treat.

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