Me and Kevin Bacon

Do you remember the trivia game called Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon? The premise was that any actor or actress could be linked through their roles to Kevin Bacon within six movies.

I like Kevin Bacon. I've liked him since I was a teenager and saw "Footloose." (Who among us didn't develop a little crush on Ren McCormack who only wanted to dance and was so honorable that he made Ariel wait for her first kiss.) Once, I even camped at the same campground with him and his family in Montana, although I didn't see him. I just overheard the campground owners talking about it when I went to buy toothpaste in the little convenience store.

Now, I'm not an actress. I had a role in the play "Annie" that happened accidentally. But because of that role, I (and my daughters and sister and mother-in-law) now have the distinction of being only FIVE degrees from Kevin Bacon. Here's how it goes:

I was in "Annie" with Danny Tarasevich.

Danny Tarasevich was in "Sons of Provo" with Will Swenson. (By the way, if you've never seen this movie, you should. It's quite funny.)

Will Swenson was in "Law and Order: Criminal Intent" with Jeff Goldblum.

Jeff Goldbum was in "The Switch" with Jennifer Anniston.

Jennifer Anniston was in "Picture Perfect" with Kevin Bacon.

So there you have it--my dubious claim to fame.

Sorry, I'm not giving autographs. Oh, all right. If you really want one, I will.


Aim Aug said...

I NEED one! I don't know how I've lived this long without your autograph Karey!

Tawnie said...

That was cute!!!

Vea said...

You're hilarious! Who'd have guessed my very own cousin was a celeb.

Christie said...

That's a little too crazy of a coincidence. Please invite Kevin over and have him do the Footloose dance again? LOVE me that movie. My kids just don't get it. "Wait, they couldn't dance or listen to music? Weird."

Weird kids, I'd say.

Shannon Martin said...

I am waiting for the book :-)

Kristi said...

So does that mean I also am within reach of Kevin Bacon since I know you?

Scott / Lori said...

Doing the footloose dance can make us all FEEL famous. Unfortunately for me I have never been in a real production of any kind so all I can do is name drop. Congrats Karey, you made it in under the 6 degrees and only needed 5!

Leslie said...

this is hysterical.

i guess i am only 6 degrees from him then.

i am your sister. how could i not be only one more degree away from him than you? :)

seriously... this was funny. and fun.

Lisa said...

we're so awesome. one thing that wasn't awesome is when i was about 10, the song was on that says 'kick off your sunday shoes'. someone was babysitting me/us (a sibling). i kicked off my sunday shoes and broke some figurine.

Unknown said...

Hey! by that logic I'm only 2 degrees away. I danced with the guy whose dancing feet at the pinball machine are in the opening credits.
Who couldn't love "Footloose"!

mormon birth mom said...

I love it! You are too funny :)