Proof That I'm a Good Mom

(This is not my manly arms kneading the salt dough.)

This weekend, I was a good mom.

I could have based that conclusion on several things:

The fact that I did numerous loads of laundry and even got them put away instead of sitting on the bench at the end of my bed.

The fact that I cleaned multiple bathrooms. Yuck.

The fact that I prepared food.

All those things are good, but did they convince me I'm a good mom?

Nope! Here is what did.

I made salt dough, a double batch even, for my 10 year-old son, so he can make a Navajo hogan diorama for school.

I hate salt dough. I hate kneading the grainy, sticky texture. I hate the smell of it. I hate the mess of it. And I firmly believe that anything that takes two full cups of salt is of the devil.

But I made it and now he's building his hogan.

And I have grainy, sticky, smelly, messy evidence that I'm a good mom.

What do you do that proves you're a good mom? or dad?


Shannon Martin said...

Yesterday I made up 2 gallons worth of black tea. Yes black tea on a Sunday and then had some neighbors and home teachers drop over. I wonder what they were thinking??? The house stunk. What was the black tea for....well my son wants to be a mummy and was upset that we hadn't started on his costume yet, a mummy. No tea party over here just dying some fabric.

You are a good mom, and I know that it because it shows in your kids. Give yourself a big pat on the back because you deserve it!

Tawnie said...

hmmm. that's a hard one. I think i'll pay a little more attention to that the next couple days and see what I can come up with.
Great challenge. ;)
And good job. You are always a good mom.

Aim Aug said...

It makes my lips and nose feel dry just thinking about all that salt. Joe better give you extra hugs tonight.

Kristi said...

I make homemade bread about twice a week.
(pat on the back).
Baking things is wholesome and qualifies me for mother of the year whether it is whole grain bread or sugary, lardy cookies right?

Leslie said...

hmmm... the only thing i can come up with at this moment is that i am doing school with aaron jr every day for 30 minutes INSTEAD of sending him off to pre-school to venture out into this world VERY prematurely.

this may get me into trouble with people who believe in pre-school. but its nothing against them... it is just how i personally roll. :)

i just love spending time with him... so i would rather have him home with me until he HAS to go.