Time Passes but Love Doesn't

Heather Christensen

A year ago today, a band trip to Idaho ended in tragedy. The bus driver lost consciousness and the bus full of American Fork High School band students went off the road in a remote part of Idaho. Heather, a brave and quick-thinking band teacher, dashed to the bus driver and took over the wheel. Her quick thinking saved many students' lives, but unfortunately, as the bus came to a violent stop, Heather, unprotected by the seats of the bus and exposed at the front, was thrown from the bus and killed.

Heather was my sister-in-law's sister. Heather was a frequent and welcome addition to many family gatherings. She was funny, energetic and friendly. She's missed by her band students, by all of us that knew her, but mostly by her family.

When someone is taken from this life, we have to rely on our faith in the Savior and in our Heavenly Father's plan for each of us. That faith can give us comfort and help us through the difficult, lonely days. But it doesn't stop those difficult, lonely days from coming.

Heather is survived by parents, a brother, sisters, nieces and nephews, in-laws, cousins, friends, and students who miss her. I hope they all feel comfort and peace today and I hope she knows how much she's missed.


Rebecca Talley said...

That reminds me of the scripture that man hath no greater love than this that he lay down his life for his friends. What a wonderful gift she gave to those students. What a wonderful person to willingly sacrifice her life to save her students. I hope that you all find peace and comfort.

Unknown said...

I have been missing her laugh--among many other things. I truly am grateful for our Heavenly Father's plan. Thank you so much Karey. Love you.

Leslie said...

she is truly missed. her laugh was contagious. what a special and neat person. she is loved.

Anonymous said...

Whenever Heather joined us for some family gatherings, everyone was just a little bit happier. Why? Because Heather was one of those rare people who was always positive and happy. We love and miss Heather and our prayers are for comfort to all who love and miss her.
Love, Mom H