Random Thoughts

Why does a beautiful and sweet dog, that loves us, follows us around, checks in on me during the day and adores our kids have to shed, poop enormous piles and slobber?

Why did the construction in front of the high school start the week before school started. Wouldn't it have been better planning to start the week after school got out? There have been a couple of days that have taken me more than 1/2 an hour to get in and out of there with Veronica, leaving Joe waiting in front of his school for us to get there. Please plan better!

Why is it that even when I throw away all the mismatched socks and start completely over, it only takes a couple of months to have an entire laundry basket of mismatched socks. Where do they go?

Why have I never been given a sample of marzipan at See's Candies? I always hope for one but have never been offered one. And why would anyone enjoy a chunk of sugared ginger dipped in chocolate. Worst sample of all time!

I enjoyed the Shade going out of business sale. Especially when things were $1.00 and $2.00 each. Nothing like buying $1500.00 worth of clothes for about $80.00. Now if I could just find someone selling stylish boots for $2.00.

Since working out until you're drenched feels so good after you're finished and showered, why is it so hard to make yourself do it?

How is it even possible for autumn leaves to be as beautiful as they are? The oranges and reds and yellows are stunning and the flowering pear trees with their variagated colors? God is an artist, no doubt about it!