That'll Teach You

About a month ago, Travis and I were called to team teach Sunday School. The course we'd be teaching is Marriage and Family Relations. Whew! Not really feeling qualified to teach those subjects. We're not necessarily poster children for marital tranquility, but we love each other and are willing to do what we're asked.

Travis returned from a week-long business trip on Tuesday evening. I mentioned that we needed to look at the lesson and figure out who was taking which section. He was tired. After all, he'd been traveling. We'd look at it the next day.

The next day, I mentioned the lesson again. He was still tired and headed to bed early to watch the Jazz game and get some sleep.

For some reason, my pleas went unheeded on Thursday and then Friday. Friday evening, he suggested there would be plenty of time on Saturday. I was trying to be patient (see lesson 2) and give him the benefit of the doubt (see lesson 3), but I was getting frustrated. I don't like preparing a lesson right before giving it. I like time to read, think, pray....

Saturday morning ESPN brought College Game Day to the University of Utah and Bruce was there. So of course, we had to watch for him and his clever sign (which was front and center most of the show). Then there was the BYU game. Then there was the University of Utah game. As soon as that game was over, he had to leave for Salt Lake and the Jazz game he was attending with Bruce.

I'd had it. I went upstairs, read through the lesson and smiled. A satisfied, if slightly evil grin. I highlighted the portion I was leaving for Travis and placed it on the counter with a sandwich. "I'm teaching the first section and the last section," I said. "I left you the middle section."

"Good," he said. He was tired of me nagging him and this would get me off his case. He began eating his sandwich and reading his portion of the lesson. "You're a jerk," he said with a smile.

"Maybe next week, you won't put me off all week," I said.

I taught "Expressions of affection and kindness keep love and friendship alive in marriage" and "Married couples should strive to have charity, the pure love of Christ." I left him "Proper intimacy in marriage is an expression of love."

He handled it fine, even got a good laugh from the class as he told of the lesson preparations. I, thankfully, didn't have to teach that section.

He read through next week's lesson as soon as we got home from church. It's always nice to see a valuable lesson learned.


Tawnie said...

cute. All your 'arguing' makes you perfect for this class. You just keep plugging along and you laugh at each other and you are both hillarious and a great example as a couple!!!

Leslie said...

that is hysterical.

Whitney Clark said...

Haha! This is so funny, yet soooo familiar. I feel like I go through this every week too! Maybe I'll use this one on him...haha.

Aim Aug said...

Serves him right! Good job Karey! Wish I could come to your class. It could be worse; the Bishop could ask you to give an appropriate lesson on pornography in Primary...senior and junior! You guys will be great at that class!

Unknown said...

Love it!!!