Casting My Life

I read a funny blog posting the other day that posed the question, "If you could cast any actress/actor as you and your significant other, who would you cast?" As you can see, this is not a post about life-altering things. I'll just admit it now--this is a shallow blog posting. But it's amusing to think about.

A few years ago, there was a computer program that would let you download a photograph and then it would list your celebrity look-alikes. If we're going by the best matches on that program, I would be played by Queen Latifah and my husband would be played by Jay Leno. A rather odd marriage, I think.

The Jay Leno thing is very real. You might remember many years ago when Jay Leno was the spokesman for Doritos. Travis and I were miniature golfing with some friends when a little boy pointed at Travis and in a voice that carried through most of the golf course said, "Look Mom, it's the Doritos guy."

Queen Latifah is a little harder to figure. I guess it's the curly hair (although she usually wears hers straight) and the big lips. I don't know. I think she's pretty and she even had a series of Cover Girl commercials, so I'll just run with it.

But who would I choose to play me if I were casting myself in a movie? I think I'd have to go with Julia Roberts. I know, I know. I'm dreaming. But no one said it had to be realistic and even though I think Jennifer Connelly is the most beautiful actress around, I think Julia Roberts is a little more relatable.

Casting Travis was a little harder because I've decided not to worry one little bit about whether or not they capture the real Travis. I'm just thinking about actors I could look at for a long, long time. I'm the one doing the casting, after all. If he were, he'd probably have stuck with Jennifer Connelly to play me. I was torn between a Last of the Mohicans Daniel Day Lewis, a trench-coat-wearing Matthew MacFadyen or Joseph Fiennes. I went with Joseph Fiennes because I think the DDL of Last of the Mohicans would have trouble fitting into modern society and because I need to reserve the meadow scene for my dreams. I don't really feel like I'm settling, however. Just look at Joseph Fiennes.

So there's my cast. Now, what should I fix for dinner?

(Oh, and feel free to share who you'd cast as yourself and your significant other.)


Christie said...

I would like to play myself. Only because I'd cast Daniel Craig, Colin Firth, Gerard Butler, and/or Josh Duhamel as my husband. And I'd need to personally rehearse and re-shoot all the kissing scenes. Like A LOT.

Alison said... got me thinking...
I cant post pictures here, but many have told Jason that he looks a lot like Zachary Quinto. (Hubba hubba)
As for me, Ive been told that I look a lot like Rachel McAdams. I think maybe if I were 50 or so pounds thinner...but she is very beautiful, so I'll take it...
And, I think you have cast yourself and Travis very well. :)

Leslie said...

this was a funny one.

i think i have one of those faces that looks like ... everyone. i have been told at least once that i look like about 10 different actresses. and those actresses look nothing like each other.

i have actually been told multiple times that i look like julia roberts, so it is funny that you picked her. but i think it might just be my really big smile because i don't see it.

the person that i have been told i look like the most... (probably 50 or more times) was hilary swank. hey she even played a widow in p.s. i love you. so there you go. i guess i would have hilary swank play me. she has played the role before, she can do it again.

as for who would play aaron, it would have to be someone that i love to look at and that person lately has been josh duhamel. Mmm...

thanks for the fun posting.