The Little Details

This conversation took place on the way to school a few weeks ago:

Joe: Mom, I've got my life all figured out except the little details. Want to hear it?

Me: Sure.

Joe: Okay. I'm going to graduate from CR Elementary, then from MR junior high and then from LP high. Then I'm going on a mission and then I'll play basketball for BYU. Then I'll play in the NBA.

Me: Do you think you'll be tall enough?

Joe: John Stockton wasn't very tall and he played in the NBA. He just worked really hard. I'll work really hard, too. I can do it.

So that's his life. Except for the little details. Little details like who he'll marry and where he'll live. Little details like what kind of family he'll have and what he'll do in the church.

When I think of little details, I think more along the lines of what to have for dinner, what book to read next, how many loads of laundry need done. But I guess its all in your perspective. Some little details probably get way too much attention while other little details don't get enough. Maybe it's time to really think about them and spend more time dwelling on the little details that matter.

So instead of obsessing over whether the stairs get vacuumed today I'll concentrate on doing something fun with my kids.

Instead of trying to find the missing episode of Top Chef that was replaced last week with a version of The Housewives of ... I'll just be grateful that I have normal wrinkles around my eyes and the lips I was born with instead of those scary caricature features I saw for a couple of minutes as I fast-forwarded through the show in search of my favorite chef.

Instead of worrying that people will feel sorry for me when I'm sitting alone in Costco doing a book signing, I'll remind myself that I have a book for sale. One I actually wrote and am really proud of.

Instead of stressing out about my clothes being a bigger size than I wish they were, I'll try to remember that I'm healthy and that about the only thing I can't do that I always wished I could is a really straight cartwheel.

Instead of obsessing about how to get my hair cut, I'll spend time enjoying the little detail of having family and friends that I enjoy and am thankful for.

My life is filled with little details. Some don't matter at all. Some make my life so much better. And some I don't know if I could live without.


Tawnie said...

It's good to have reminiders to remember those good things despite the things you wish were different.
Thanks for the reminder.

Anonymous said...

Cute Joe. Hooray for BYU to get to have him later on! (-: Loved the blog. We all need to keep a good perspective about ourselves and remember that we are all different and that is the way Heavenly Father intended us to be. As long as we are striving to be good people we are OK. Let's all try to be as kind to ourselves as we are to everyone else. Love you lots.

Rebecca Adams said...

I always enjoy reading your blog! Thanks for posting about the "little details" in life! I think it's a good idea to focus on the little details that are more important. :)

Leslie said...

cute joe.

i have learned that the things that come out of aaron jr's mouth are sometimes the most profound things if i actually listen to them and ponder on them.

thanks for the good message.

Becky Darling said...

You always know just what to say, I just love reading your blog!!! I can't wait to see you in Costco!!!!

Alison said...

How sweet. Cute Joe! I can't wait to see him play for BYU! :o)
Even more than that, I love to see how much fun he and Carson have together. Great that is a little detail that makes life so sweet!

Tristi Pinkston said...

Isn't it funny how our little details shift and change as we get older and our worlds take on new contours?

Kristi said...

It is so interesting how the things we decide to fixate on during the day determine its outcome. I have been obsessing over my latest hair move and my days have felt very shallow. Today I will focus on the details that have more significance.