The Bachelor Does NOT Equal Romance

I love romance. Awhile back I shared with you my favorite romantic scenes from the movies. If someone tells me something is really romantic, I'll probably investigate it a little further.

That was the case when The Bachelor first aired ten years or so ago. I was hooked by the idea of romantic possibility. By the end of the show, I felt a little sick. It didn't feel romantic. It felt uncomfortable and contrived and icky.

I refused to watch the next couple of seasons and because of that I missed the first season that actually ended in a successful relationship. To me that means married and with children. If I'm not mistaken, Trista is the only one to pull that off.

But because of Trista, I gave it a few more tries. I was happy for Byron and Mary until they were involved in a domestic dispute that ended with an unattractive mugshot. I became disillusioned again after several more breakups so I missed Brad's first season. But DeAnna is wonderful, I was told. And so I watched her season. She was no better than the rest. In fact, she let Graham go, a guy who seemed pretty decent, all because he didn't want to make out with her after some of the other guys already had that date, and he wasn't willing to move fast enough or trust her enough. In my mind that made him worth keeping, but not in her or the director's minds.

I haven't watched a season since that one, and I haven't missed it. If you think about it, it's a pretty disgusting premise and a pretty sickening show.

So while I haven't watched a single episode this season, I'll tell you I haven't missed a single recap from Kacy, who started watching the show for the first time this season. I guess her husband knew someone on the show or something like that and so she's been watching. Her honest and rational and moral recaps are not only funny and spot-on, but they also bolster my position that the show is at best, a failure at finding true love for it's bachelors, and at worst, a dreadful sign of where we're headed.

Read her latest posting here. I dare you not smile if you haven't watched it and hang your head in shame if you have.

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