Random Valentine's Day

So Mr. White managed to make my Valentines Day great--even from San Antonio. He finished my book, gave me See's chocolates and a sweet phone call. Lucky me.

I got a great letter from my missionary--filled with wonderful experiences and his sense of humor that I love.

After 20 months, I got to talk face to face with our informally adopted Turkish son. Isn't Skype great? He's still cute, sweet, and completely un-self-conscious about sharing his life and telling us he loves us. Wish he was here for good!

The other three kids and I enjoyed a little Valentine's Day treat at The Chocolate. This is the bakery/cafe I would have owned if I'd ever owned a bakery with a storefront. Mmmm!!!

Veronica started working on "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing," one of the most beautiful pieces of music ever.

I got to chat with a couple of good friends online and on the phone. Woo hoo!.

I got my 100th follower on this blog.

My flowers from the book release party still look beautiful.

My eye only twitched a couple of times.

I'd say it was a pretty good day. Hope yours was too!


Kristi said...

Tell Veronica to polish up that piece by the time we come to Utah so she can play it for me. It is so beautiful.
I'm glad you had a superb Valentine's Day. Cute Mehmet. Does he want to come study in the states? BYU? :)

Scott / Lori said...

Glad you had a good day even though Travis was not with you. Hope that eye twitching calms down pretty soon.Happy Valentines Day.

Shannon Martin said...

Glad he got done reading the book, I want to know if he was crying at the end like I was? HAHA.
Glad Veronica found some music, and that is one of my favorite Hymns (even though they did take it out of the Hymn book). Looking forward to hearing her play it.