Some Serious Pet Peeves

I'm not in a very good mood. I could attribute my mood to a variety of things that I don't want to go into. Some are important while some are petty, but all of them are working together to put me in a bit of a testy frame of mind. Please don't think badly of me. I know I'm blessed and that if I dwelled on the positive, I'd be able to snap out of my funk. But for a little while I don't really want to. I'm in a bad mood and I feel like wallowing here for a little while. I'm sure I'll feel better tomorrow, but for right now I'm going to channel my bad mood into a blog posting about a few of my pet peeves.

I'm pretty certain that with advances in man-made materials, a run-proof, hold-their-shape pantyhose is possible. There's no reason why we should have to deal with unsightly runs or pantyhose that lose their elasticity and either bunch up at the knees and ankles, or worse yet, lose their hold and fall down, causing Young Women's leaders to have extremely embarrassing moments in front of impressionable young girls who don't need to see how frumpy they'll be in just a few short years. I think the makers of pantyhose can't be very nice people.

I don't understand moms who make sure they look fancy and put-together while their children look completely uncared for. You know the ones I mean. Mom is looking stylish and clean and Junior's nose is running, his clothes are filthy and his hair hasn't been washed or combed for days. If you're going to take your children out in that condition, at least have the decency to match them.

I don't want to hear parents parenting in public. Don't misunderstand me. I love seeing a mother quietly reasoning with her child or in the event of a tempter tantrum, even ignoring the bad behavior. And I like seeing a dad visiting with his child about the cost of shoes or the dangers too much sugar. But please don't glance around to locate your audience and then loudly parent your children to impress or amuse us. And please don't curse out your children in public. It's embarrassing for them and for me.

I drink water when I go out to eat and I don't appreciate my empty water glass being ignored while those who spent the money for soda, iced tea or lemonade have their beverages attended to. I bought a meal and if my water is gone, I'm probably thirsty. Please bring me more water.

I don't like it when disadvantaged young people come to my door selling yellow or green cleaner. There are three major problems here. (1)How do I know they're any more disadvantaged than my own kids or the kids that live down the street? (2)By the time they've cleaned my window or a section of the silver door threshold or a spot on the concrete of my front step, all they've done is shown anyone else who comes to my house how filthy my window, threshold or concrete is. Before they cleaned their spot, no one knew. And (3)The bottle I buy is not the same as the one they demonstrated with. I don't care what they say, I just spent $20 or so on some watered down cleaner that DOES NOT work like the demonstration.

And please don't flip me off. It really irritates me and no matter how much I might want to flip you off back, I can't. It would be too disappointing to my mom and a bad example to my kids. So don't do it. It isn't fair.


Tawnie J said...

cute. Everyone deserves to complain a little, right!! I liked hearing your pet peeves. Hopefully tomorrow you'll wake up feeling all better!
Love you.

Mindy said...

I hate pantyhose so bad that I don't wear them. Plain and simple. I won't.

Mary L Walling said...

I especially liked the parenting peeve. I don't like that either. I think though that what happened in our house today was a high point. My husband opened the fridge only to have something fall out and spill on the floor. His first reaction was to say 'c..p'. My 2 almost 3 yr old GD looked at him and with all the innocence in
the world says "Gampa, not suppose to say that word". It took all of us quite by surprise. We have been teaching her that it is not a nice word. It helps to know even at her age she is listening. Thanks for your blog. I enjoy it so much.

Scott / Lori said...

Hi,I am Lori and I was a victim of the door to door cleaning salesman. I had a house where a bay window was occasionally hit by the sprinlers, thus causing an unsightly build-up of hard water. Cleaning salesman came and used his "so-safe-you-can-lick-the-spray-bottle-cleaner" on about 2 square inches of the window.Amazingly the section was spotless and crystal clear. Immediately I was sold and bought know, my husband laughed.) Excitedly I hurried out to clean the rest of the window. I sprayed and wiped and sprayed and scrubbed, got a scouring pad from the kitchen because I couldn't get anything to come off and scrubbed and scrubbed and sprayed some more. After a long, tiring cleaning session I finally realized it wasn't going to work. I was devastated. To this day when I drive by that house I can see the clean spot done by the salesman. I was not a happy camper, and have turned them down every time since, no matter what color they are selling this year.

Oh,by the way.....I will sell the case to any interested partyfor 1/2 price. Any takers?

Leslie said...

Sorry you were feeling peeved and sorry there were peopled causing you to feel peeved.
Those cleaner selling people are upsetting.