Frazzled Moms

Sadly, this mom's hair looks a little too much like my own!

Sometimes moms get so tired they can't think straight. Sometimes they get so tired they can barely think at all. This posting is not mean-spirited. I laughed with these moms and I'm sure they wouldn't care if you laughed right along with us.

Story One

Tonight my sister and her husband went to a wedding, leaving their five children with us for a couple of hours. In her haste to get herself and the five kids ready to leave the house, she put on two black shoes so she could get her husband's opinion about which looked best. Then they loaded the family in the car and headed to our house.

About a half an hour from home (and a half an hour from my house), she got a horrified look on her face. "What's wrong?" her husband asked.

"I've done something really bad," she said. Her husband was alarmed. Did they leave the oven on? or the water running?

"What is it?"

What it was, was two black shoes that didn't match. Luckily I had a pair she could borrow. A little too tight and pretty uncomfortable, but at least they matched.

Story Two:

A friend of mine, who was in the Primary presidency called me one Monday afternoon. My kids had been sick the day before and had missed Primary. "Karey, we're putting together little books for all the dads for Father's Day. Since your kids weren't there yesterday, I was wondering if I could drop off their pages and have them draw a picture for their dads, so their pictures will be included in the book."

Of course I agreed and about an hour later she stood on my doorstep with two pieces of plain, white typing paper in hand.

"This is it?" I asked.

"Yes?" she said. She looked confused.

"Did you not think I'd have any paper at my house?" She looked at the paper in her hand and started laughing. Hysterically. She couldn't stop. When she finally gained her composure, she gave me the two pieces of typing paper. My kids drew their pictures and the next day I dropped them off at her house, where we enjoyed another good laugh.

The moral of these stories is that moms get tired. They sometimes get overwhelmed. And sometimes in the middle of it all, there's nothing to do but laugh.


Mindy said...

Yesterday morning when I woke up my eyes were so irritated. They just hurt. I decided to put off putting my contacts in to see if they felt better after a bit. When I was driving Cooper to school, all of a sudden I realized that I could see really well... yup. I had forgotten to take my contacts out the night before, and it had taken me an hour to realize I still had them in.

And that's just one example of a million for me. ;)

Tawnie J said...

So glad you shared.

Mary L Walling said...

If you don't laugh that leaves crying. Who wants to cry? I love your stories. I don't wear contacts, but I do have to wear a different pair of glasses to work on the computer. I am forever going downstairs with my computer glasses on and don't realize it until I can't see anything in the distance. Someone is always kind enough to climb the stairs and get my regular glasses for me.

Rebecca Adams said...

Haha! Such funny stories! But I have to add... it's not just moms who get tired and can't think straight. Anybody could get tired and not think straight. Since my husband and I just moved, we've both had times recently where we were so tired that we'd say or do funny/crazy things (and we aren't parents yet). It can be entertaining when times like that happen! :)

Anonymous said...

those were hilarious and both rang a bell with me. Here's mine! Yesterday I was working on a project and I realized I needed my glasses. My husband was in the bathroom where I leave my glasses, so I had to wait. When I heard the bathroom door open, I jumped up to go get my glasses. Suddenly I stopped in my tracks and started to laugh. "What's so funny?" my husband asked me. I explained that I was waiting for him to come out of the bathroom so I could get my glasses, only to discover as I headed for the bathroom to retrieve my glasses, that they were right where they belonged!!
On my face!! It is a good thing we can all relate to each other's funny quirks or we would all go crazy. Have a great day everyone.

Scott / Lori said...

The paper story is just plain ridiculous. Why do we make things so hard, while just trying to make things easy....does that make sense? Oh help us all....

Edonna said...

The years have been kind to me. I don't remember all the times I had to laugh at myself for the silliness I can produce. Unless yesterday counts (not too distant past). I was approaching the back door of my room when my neighbor walked up as well. He greeted me, I thought, and I returned the salutation and went in the room pondering the abysmal grades my students are earning (I had printouts of progress reports in my hand.) The doors lock from the outside, so I had put a piece of wood in to prop it open. As the door slammed shut, I could see my students' eyes widen in surprise and shock. "Miss, you slammed the door shut in his face!!!" Oh dear. Mr. Freelund, friend and associate of 12 years, had said something more like "Hi, can I come through?"