Let's Talk Movies (and an Addition to My List of Romantic Movie Scenes)

Veronica and I recently watched the mini-series "North and South." This wasn't the one about the civil war. We'd planned to watch just the first part of it, but couldn't stop once we got started. We were glad we finished it. The last five minutes have to be added to my list of most romantic movie scenes. And not just added at the bottom, it needs put right near the top. The meadow scene in "Pride and Prejudice" still holds first place for me, but this one is probably number two or three. I love, love, loved the line by Richard Armitage's character. "You're coming home with me." Who wouldn't want to go home with him?

While my family was out of town, I watched a Merchant Ivory movie called "A Room with a View." I'd never seen it before and it was a British period movie. Netflix had NR on it, but I figured that's because it was on television or something. Let me just let you know that it should have been rated R at the very least and I was unable to finish it. Insane nude scene. You should probably avoid this show.

This week we went to "Source Code," a suspenseful, intelligent thriller that I really enjoyed--until the end. Jake Gyllenhaal and Michelle Monaghan were excellent. I really liked the Vera Farmiga character. Unfortunately, it felt like the makers of the movie were more concerned about a happy ending than a realistic or sensible one. I don't want to spoil the movie for anyone, but I'd ask that if someone has seen it and can logically explain the ending, I'd appreciate it. I want to like the movie without reservation, but the ending is frustrating me.

And finally, something I don't understand. The makers of "The King's Speech" tried to get the movie rated PG-13, but because of a tirade of foul language were given an R rating. I was disappointed because I wanted to see it, but figured I'd just have to wait for it to come edited to television in the next few years. Then after it won Best Picture award, they re-released it, edited, "so that this wonderful movie could be seen by a larger audience." I smell dollar signs more than altruistic motives, but hey, I want to see it so I'm glad.

BUT WAIT!!! Aren't these the same Hollywood people who shut down Clean Flicks and other businesses like that who were doing exactly the same thing so that people like me, who love movies, but don't watch R-rated movies could see them? They went to court and closed down the businesses, even though those businesses were making it possible for more people to see and enjoy the movies. I'm seeing some hypocrisy here. And I'm still upset that those businesses were closed down. I think it's a bunch of crap!

But I still plan on seeing "The King's Speech."


missy said...

Is 'Emma' (the one with Gwyneth Paltrow) on your list? I LOVE that scene where she first learns that Knightly loves her. Oh, so romantic. I love Jane Austen movies (and books, of course!) Which version of 'Pride & Prejudice' do you like?

Karey said...

Emma is not on my list, although maybe it should be. I really liked that movie a lot. All those movies and books are proof of how brilliant Jane Austen was at capturing nuance and feelings.

I really like both versions of Pride and Prejudice, but my favorite is the newest one (Keira Knightly and Matthew McFadyen).

missy said...

I haven't seen the newest P&P. Glad to hear it's good. I'll be checking it out!

Leslie said...

oh missy... all of the versions of pride and prejudice are great. the 4 hour, the 6 hour... they have more details and cover more of the story...

BUT, the new one, even though it is only a couple of amazing hours... they cast the characters so perfectly there is no comparison. i wish they would use the same cast and do a 6 hour version of it. :) you will love it.

karey, i am SO glad you watched North and South... can you believe how giddy you felt as you watched that last scene of the movie? any gal would be lucky to have someone looking at them in the way he was looking at her. he adored her.

as far as the King's Speech, i am still concerned. PG-13 movies are still allowed to have A LOT of bad language. they are allowed to have 3 F words, and a whole lot of language taking the Lord's name in vain. so you might want to look into how many of those curse words they left in for it to be PG-13. just a suggestion.

kidsinmind.com is a GREAT place to check and see what is in a movie. it takes you through all of the garbage. just sayin'.

glad you loved North and South.
all of us girls should get together one night and watch it all together. Mom would LOVE that.

mormon birth mom said...

Loved King's Speech and saw both versions - which will probably draw judgement - but the story of courage and friendship is really moving. The language is specific to one way Bertie could deal with his problem and it really didn't offend me the way it normally would.

I also really enjoyed Source Code and could not figure out the ending either! Maybe you were supposed to draw your own conclusion? But it also seems like the writers confused themselves to the point of leaving the ending so open to interpretation.

Edonna said...

Didn't even finish reading the post yet. NR is NEVER a good sign! Is it? I barely trust the PG, etc. designations. And got an eyeful last weekend when I finished screening Romeo and Juliet (1969 vs (1996) to show the freshmen English class. Evidently PG in 69 allowed ALOT more than PG-13 in 1996. They won't be seeing the morning after scene. They'll just have to read it and visualize to whatever their threshold is. And I don't want to know.

Edonna said...

Because of a FB post between nieces, I listened to Persuasion. Somehow I missed Jane Austen. I know I tried to read Sense and Sensibility back in the day. I don't have reading time; however, I have a phone app that lets me listened to anything in the public domain. = all Jane Austen. So, after about a month, I'm on my 6th one. I was hearing Mr. Knightly's confession to Emma and just wept because she basked and thrived in his love without realizing it, and that's how I feel about my Ben. Only I do recognize his protection. At any rate, a student walked in just then.
Cyrano De Bergerac with GĂ©rard Depardieu is amazing. I watched it in early 1992. And cried like the cartoons (face in hands, tears SQURTING out) at the end. And I showed that scene where he takes 10 minutes to day in front of Roxanne to the freshman, just so they could begin to get an idea of words and romance. They mostly paid attention even!
I have been wanting to see "King's Speech" was even willing to go before. Not romantic, but "A Few Good Men" had a scene where Jack Nicholson cut loose. I wasn't nearly as offended as I should have been. It certainly wasn't gratuitous-it truly fit the emotion the character was dealing with.
I love your blogs, my dear. I'm trying for a Utah trip this summer.

Anonymous said...

So glad this movie was added to your list of "romantic movie scenes." swoooooooon!! LMH