Today I Feel Random

My daughter has a crush on one of these guys in the key. Can you guess which one? Quite a contrast here, don't you think? I'll take Gordon Hayward for my daughter (and the Jazz) over Chris "Birdman" Anderson any day.

Cooking for one is harder than cooking for a family. It might have a lot to do with motivation, but cold cereal or peanut butter on toast sounds pretty good when you only have yourself to feed.

A message to construction workers, the pest control man, and all door-to-door salesmen: Please don't try to befriend my dog. She's here to protect me from you should you happen to be a bad guy. Just admire her size, listen to her loud bark, and take note of her teeth. But don't try to be her friend.

Getting into a car that's been warmed by the sun on a chilly day is one of my favorite things to do.

I don't like flies. But a fly that is buzzy, quick and opportunistic deserves no mercy. And one that is all those things in the morning when I'm still trying to sleep MUST DIE IMMEDIATELY!

I love Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Thankfully, I can control that love and not let it destroy me. But whoever made Reese's Eggs is sadistic and should be made to pay.

I can handle most potholes. I understand that our weather makes it hard to keep up with the task of repairing them. But when a Subaru Forester is almost swallowed whole by a pothole ON THE FREEWAY, it's time to call out road service reinforcements.

There is a likeness of Al Jefferson on the mountain outside the back window. The rocks, trees and slope of the mountain are all working together and it's quite remarkable. If my camera wasn't in St. George, I'd show it to you. If we're giving it the same weight as the Virgin Mary on a piece of toast, maybe it means good things for the Utah Jazz next season. Yes. I'm going with that.

Moms could accomplish all they need to and still find time to write, read good books, catch up with their favorite television shows, finish the laundry and see an occasional movie if they didn't need sleep. If I get to design my own world, one thing I plan to do is make sleep optional for moms from the time their first child is born until their last one leaves home. (I have another great idea for my own world, but you'll have to ask me about that one personally. Not really blog-appropriate.)

A friend who blogs recently called blogging an egotistical act. I hadn't really thought about it like that, but I think he may be right. My value as a blogger weighs heavily on the number of comments I get. Few comments tell me I put up a crappy posting. Lots of comments and I give myself a little pat on the back. Funny thing though, a lot of my favorite postings didn't generate much response. I'm not sure what my ego should take from that.

(Image from Rob Higginson Photography. Used with permission.)


Michaela said...

I'm going to comment and boost your self-esteem:) I agree with your statement about Reese's--but my weakness is with Reese's Pieces! ohhh they are to die for!:)
When I was little, I wanted to design worlds filled with Barbie Rapunzels and teddy bears:). Just so you know.

Amy Beth said...

Long time reader, first time to comment! I love your posts. The randomness of this post made me smile! Keep blogging and I will keep reading!!

Mindy said...

Why oh why did you have to remind me about reese's eggs? ;) (You're talking about the big ones, right? The ones that are the perfect ratio of chocolate to peanut butter?)

Karey said...

Yes, Mindy. Those are the eggs I'm talking about. Thank goodness they're only available at Easter.

Kristi said...

I like the random thoughts going on. Many of them reveal your quirky funniness. Hopefully this comment will help bolster the number of comments for this posting and you will feel good about it. I liked it.

Anonymous said...

Amazing contrast! I am sad for the "Birdman" and anyone else who feels this is the way to boost self esteem. Something must be missing in his life. On the other hand it is refreshing to see how comfortable Gordon Hayward is with himself and doesn't feel the need to go to such extremes. I am all for the clean cut look.