Uncle David

(My Uncle David and his youngest son, Jared)

Yesterday, as we celebrated Christ's victory over death, my Uncle David died, surrounded by his family.

Uncle David was more than just my dad's younger brother. He was his close friend and confidant. He was a husband and father of nine.

He was incredibly talented. He started out teaching high school music. During that time, he developed a system for teaching the chord method of playing the piano. It was genius and taught people how to play the piano using the chord markings usually written for guitar. He was an entrepreneur and took that method of playing piano around the country and on infomercials.

He was my first music teacher. I took regular piano, chord piano and voice lessons from Uncle David. He helped me prepare numbers to audition for the select choir in high school.

If you could get paid for coming up with analogies, Uncle David would have died a millionaire. I've never known someone who could so quickly come up with fitting analogies. Sometimes they were hilarious, and sometimes they were insanely over the top. But usually they were profound and inspiring.

Uncle David was my first employer (other than babysitting). I worked for him for about a year in his music store.

He was faithful. He served wherever he was asked. He and Aunt Louise had just finished serving a year-long mission at the MTC and were preparing to serve a full-time mission when he found out he had cancer.

He was an optimist. No matter what was happening, he looked at the bright side. He was philosophical and positive and always had faith--faith in people, faith in himself, but mostly faith in Heavenly Father and the Savior. I was lucky enough to have a few visits with him when he knew he was dying. He never complained or questioned. He trusted completely that Heavenly Father was in charge and that He knew best.

Uncle David was a singer/songwriter. He wrote beautiful music. He sang at our wedding reception. He produced music for others in his home recording studio.

He was a cheerleader, always encouraging others to do their best. I received many of those pep talks. We knew Uncle David had cancer when my book came out. I gave him the first copy. I didn't know if he'd have time to read it or even the inclination, considering his circumstances. A few days later, he called me. He'd finished the book and wanted to talk about it. He said he loved it and together we had our own little 45 minute book club as we talked about the parts that he'd loved and the places where he'd cried. He asked me questions about how I'd done it and told me how impressed he was, how proud he was of me and how much he loved me.

I saw him Saturday. I was pretty sure as I left that I wouldn't see him again in this life. It makes me incredibly sad, especially for his family and my dad. I felt extra thankful yesterday for Easter and all it means.

I love you, Uncle David. Thanks for everything you've meant in my life.


Kristi said...

Wonderful tribute for a wonderful man.

missy said...

He sounds like an amazing man. What a beautiful tribute.

Kacy said...

This is such a nice tribute to your uncle.

Rebecca Adams said...

I will miss him! He was a wonderful uncle! This is a nice tribute to him!

Leslie said...

i still can't believe it.
we will miss him so much.

mudderandfodder said...

We love him and miss him so much already. What a really really GOOD PERSON David always was. This life will not be the same without him. We love you,David. Beautiful tribute, Karey. Love, LMH

Jen said...

Hi Karey, You don't know me at all but I'm a good friend of the Boise Higginsons - Mike and Marci - Dave and Heidi and Becca and Jim. I love your uncle David and I really appreciate you putting this tribute up for him. He was such a blessing to all he knew. Thanks again.