What I Learned This Week

This week was spring break. The first three days we did crafts, studied for AP tests, visited family, watched a movie, read books, went shopping, had basketball practice, and had a nice time together. Then Wednesday after work, Travis took the kids to St. George for four days. I had a writer's meeting, a manuscript that needed work and a book signing, so I stayed home. Here are a few things I learned.

1. I generate very little laundry.
2. I dirty very few dishes.
3. It's nice to have no schedule to worry about but my own.
4. When no one else is here I can write for 12 hours uninterrupted.
5. Pepper (our Great Dane) is nice to have around when you're alone.
6. Pepper still sheds, so the floor still needs vacuumed twice a day--even if I'm the only one there to do it.
7. It's not much fun to watch television alone.
8. I miss snuggling.
9. It's more fun to laugh with other people.
10. I wanted a good meal and didn't feel motivated to fix something really delicious since no one was here to enjoy it with me.
11. I missed family prayers and family scripture reading.
12. I'm generally a night owl, but when the family is gone, it's hard to make myself go to bed.
13. I like telephones.
14. Scary books are a bad idea when you're alone.
15. Four days is long enough!

I'm excited for my family to get home. I hope Travis can fix the garbage disposal. I'm not going to complain about the laundry they'll bring with them. I'm fixing a really good meal for tonight. We'll get Bruce's letter tonight (since it becomes Monday there while we're still having Sunday). It's going to be a good day.


cucciolo25 said...

I hear ya! Try doing all of that but for a couple of weeks without the company of a dog, and in a hotel room. Not fun. Family is where it's at!

cucciolo25 said...

You have to vacuum your floors TWICE a day! I probably should too with my brood around.
I hear ya. In my experience, initially being alone and having time to do things for myself is a thrill. Two hours later it gets old and I miss everyone.
Isn't the amount of laundry generated by a small group of people amazing?

Kristi said...

Oops, that was me, not Spencer again.

missy said...

I hope your reunion last night was a happy one! I was nodding in agreement to a few things on your list, although I have to admit it would be nice to fix whatever sounded good and have no one complain about it! :) For me, scary books are a bad idea at night no matter how many people are home...

Anonymous said...

welcome home to your family. Glad you are back together and happy and safe,. It is always more fun to share things with those you love.
Scary books...never!!
Scary shows...never!!