How to Get a New Jenn-Air Double Wall Oven for Free

We bought our house as a foreclosure. It wasn't finished so we got to choose carpet and fixtures. We also got to design the kitchen. It was an empty space and the layout in the plans didn't really suit our family so with the help of our 17-year-old son who wants to be an architect, we completely re-designed it.

One thing I wanted was a double oven. I've wanted one of those since the beginning of my wedding cake days fifteen years ago. I no longer make wedding cakes, but now I have my double oven.

Now I'm going to tell you how to get one for free.

Step 1:  Go to the Sears Outlet and find the only Jenn-Air double oven there. It's okay that there's a small dent on the side. That will be inside the wall anyway. Pay for the oven and schedule delivery.

Step 2: Be there alone when the guys come to deliver the oven. Notice that what they're delivering is not the Jenn-Air oven you purchased, but another double oven. Also notice that it has a glass front that is missing. Don't be intimidated when they ask you to sign for the delivery. Point out to them that this isn't the oven you purchased and step to the back of the truck where the oven is still sitting. Watch the two delivery guys try to hide all the broken glass from the front of the oven that they're trying to get you to sign for. Refuse to sign even though they're doing their best to convince you that you should sign for the broken wall oven and then call the store to have them repair the oven and/or replace it with the right one. Call the store, with the guys standing there glaring at you. Once the store realizes that the wrong oven has been delivered, send the bully delivery men on their way. Then say a prayer that they don't return and hurt you for getting them in trouble.

Step 3: Have two different delivery men return nine days later with another oven. This time, don't be at home and have a contractor working on the house sign for the delivery. When you get home, discover that the oven that's been delivered isn't a double oven at all. It's an oven with a microwave on top. Call the store and let them know that this isn't the oven you purchased. Be referred to about four different people. Have all of them admit that this isn't what you ordered. Then have them explain to you that the oven you purchased AND PAID FOR has been sold to someone else and is no longer available.

Step 4: Throw a fit. When they transfer you to yet another person, throw another fit. Point out to them that the kitchen cupboards have been built to the specs of the oven you purchased. Finally reach a sane person and have them agree to send you the oven you originally purchased, except that this one isn't from the Outlet store (because they no longer have one), but is a brand new one without a dent on the side. Have them apologize for the inconvenience to you.

Step 5: Have another set of delivery men deliver the right oven. When they arrive, sign for the oven and show them the wrong oven that they need to take back. Have them tell you they can't do that--their job is just to deliver, not pick up. Call the store while they're there and have the manager explain to you that they'll have to arrange another truck to come pick up the wrong oven. These delivery men aren't authorized to pick up the wrong oven.

Step 6: Have the wrong oven sit in the garage while you finish the house. Call the store and ask them to come pick it up. Have the oven sit in the garage after you finally move into the house. Continue calling the store every few days to have them come pick up their oven. Live in the house for three months, continually calling the store to have them come pick it up. Finally, ask them if you can borrow a pick-up and bring the oven back to them. Have the manager say, "It's no longer in our system. We can't pick it up and if you bring it to us we won't know what to do with it."

Say "WHAT?"

Ask the manager what you're supposed to do with the wrong oven that has been sitting shrink-wrapped in your garage for more than five months. Have the manager answer, "I think you should just sell it." Argue with her for awhile, until she finally says, "I can't take it back. Sell it or throw it away."

Step 7: Place an ad on and start taking phone calls. Sell the oven for what you originally paid and enjoy your free double wall oven.


Kristi said...

So I just have to follow those easy steps?
Sounds like a frustrating runaround but with spectacular results.

missy said...


Alison said...

Hey, I had a similar event take place. Except it was with RC Willey, and it was a piece to my office desk. They delivered a large filing cabinet that goes with my set, but it had a big scratch on the side. Of course I said I wouldnt sign for the piece and they said to keep it until they brought out another one to exchange. When the new one came, they said they were not authorized to take the old one back. So it sat in my office empty, taking up space. Call after call, it sat in my office. Finally, a manager said that she didn't see where I should have a piece to pick up. I assured her that the large filing cabinet that was identical to the second filing cabinet was not a figment of my imagination. She said that it couldn't be entered as a return if is was never entered as a, needless to say, I now have two awesome filing cabinets! Cant say I didn't try... :o)

Nicole *Ü* said...

I think blogs need a like button so I can like this post. LOL I thought this was awesome rendition of your experience and kept giggling.

David said...

That sounds like a lot of hassle but the lord works in mysterious ways, count your many blessings!

Leslie said...

hmmm... sounds like you ripped off the store. :)

just kidding.

knowing me, i would feel guilty about it for the rest of my life and somehow find a reason that it is my fault that i got a free oven.

enjoy it... guilt free. this was a great and fun post.

DAVID said...

I got frustrated just reading it.

Kim said...

Sweet! You go girl.

Aim Aug said...

Wahahaha! That is awesome.

Suzanne said...

Totally love it. I'm all about a good deal!

Christie said...