Need to Prepare for Life? Ride a Stickhorse

Horse herpes outbreak forces rodeo queens to ride stick ponies -

This is one of those things that has to be shared. I'd feel sorry for these girls and the embarrassing situation they were put in, except that they took it so seriously.

Two of my favorite lines: "With a stick horse it's a lot different because you have to do all the work and I think it's going to be a lot more tiring than with a real horse."


"It will give you experience for if you happen to have a problem like this later in life. You already have the experience of riding a stick horse!"

I'm going to have to visit with my parents about this. I don't remember ever riding a stick horse when I was growing up. You'd think that if they loved me, they'd have given me a stickhorse so I'd be prepared for problems like this later in life.

(Be sure to watch the news story if you want a good laugh.)


Lisa said...

unreal. this is going to go viral and be all over the internet and late night shows.

Leslie said...

poor girls... they just didn't know what to say. i wonder how embarrassed they were. you know they had to be.

completely ridiculous. :)

Lisa said...

thank goodness these girls are getting the experience they may need (probable)later in life of riding a stick horse. i do not know what i'm going to do should i be faced with this kind of problem. so kudos to the organizers for giving them the tools for the future.

Karey said...

Yes! Please tell me when they're going to be faced with a problem like this later in life.

I'd wager money they'll never be faced with "a problem like this" again!

Skyler said...

I'm so glad they chose to make Rice-Eccles Stadium host football. I was getting so sick of class getting cancelled for stupid stickhorse rodeos.

missy said...

Hey, when life gives you lemons... I had to watch the news clips to believe it was real. The date on the article did not say April 1. I can only imagine the girls' initial reactions to the judges' "solution" to their problem. You really have to hand it to them for following through. I don't know, I think life gives us stick horses in one form or another often enough to keep us humble. I say good for these girls for keeping their chins up. I cannot say I would have handled it so well.

Karey said...

I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have either, Missy. The thing that amazed me most was that they said what they said with straight faces. I couldn't have.