Slow Down! (Happy Birthday, Veronica)

Time is a cruel and tricky fellow and he doesn't play fair. When something is boring or miserable, Time drags his feet and laughs while you trudge through it. If something is wonderful and pleasant, he skips along far too quickly and laughs again.

Time must know that when it comes to my kids, he's killing me. Veronica is 17 years old today and I'm not sure what Time did with all those years, but he took them away from me much too quickly. My little girl is nearly an adult. To celebrate her 17th birthday, here are 17 things I love about Veronica.

1. She's obedient.
2. She's not just book smart, she has great common sense
3. She always does her best.
4. She makes delicious parmesan chicken (her own recipe that she created while working with Kelsey Nixon.)
5. She's got her own style and she's comfortable with it. (She's doing her part to bring back overalls.)
6. She's a great friend. (You won't find someone more loyal or thoughtful.)
7. She approaches everything with prayer. (She trusts her Heavenly Father completely.)
8. She doesn't avoid hard things.
9.When she feels prompted to do something, she does it, no matter how much she doesn't want to.
10. She cares about people's feelings and has incredible empathy.
11. She's always willing to help.
12. She loves children and makes them feel important.
13. She's beautiful but doesn't try too hard or obsess about her appearance.
14. She's always willing to watch a good chick flick with me.
16. She loves to read.
17. She loves 80s music.

Last Thursday night the two of us were sitting in the family room together. She was studying for one of many tests and was feeling a little overwhelmed. At one point, she got emotional and cried. I told her a stupid joke and made her laugh. A little while later, I started worrying about going to my writer's conference alone and not feeling well. She told me a stupid joke and I laughed. Then we sat down together and pulled up a few Thompson Twins and Howard Jones songs. We finished up with "Things Can Only Get Better" and we were fine.

I don't know what I'd do without Veronica. She's a girl any mother would be lucky to have. I love her and even though I miss the little girl she used to be, I love the young lady she's become.

Happy birthday, Veronica


Mindy said...

Happy Birthday, Veronica!

~Laurie~ said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet daughter. I am trying to make the moments count with my only daughter (she is 9 now) because I know the time is being stolen from me too. My oldest is now 16 and driving and I have such vivid memories of playing with him in the pool in a floating bubble - laughing and enjoying him as my first baby. I , too, am enjoying my children as they get older, but I sometimes cry when I think of the sweet memories. Thank you so much for sharing with us - to remind us that we are not alone.

cucciolo25 said...

Yeah, if you ever decide that you don't want her we get first dibs on her. She is a gem, a beauty inside and out. Happy birthday Veronica. We love you.

Tawnie J said...

We sure love Savronica. We have been talking about her recently at our house. Happy Birthday America. You are beautiful inside and out!

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday Veronica! We love you! By the way...the resemblance between this picture you have on this posting and the one I posted on Facebook of Stella in the hot pink shirt is shocking. (to me).

Leslie * said...
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Leslie said...

we sure love Vern.
happy birthday to her!

mudderandfodder said...

A lovely tribute to a lovely young lady. Love you so much, Vern. LMH

snarchibald said...

Hope your day was extra great!!!!! We love you so much. Happy Birthday.

alison said...

loved the blog. She certainly is an amazing young woman! So grateful for the great example she is for Kayla. Hope she has a wonderful day!!

Edonna said...

Way late but the very next week, I saw my niece (14 years) in overalls and thought "Veronica isn't alone!"