Family Reunion

This weekend:

I'm going to laugh with hilarious people.
I'm going to watch some people scream in terror on a huge swing that sails out over the water and I'm going to doggedly resist the peer pressure of those trying to convince me that I should try it.

I'm going to watch people ride the zipline over the water and I might allow myself to be talked into trying that.

I'm going to work with my "crew" on our assignment--breakfast. I'm going to help scramble eggs and make pancakes for 150 people.

I'm going to spend money at an auction buying things we may or may not want because it's for a good cause (the next reunion).

I'm going to miss those that aren't there because of recent death, tornadoes, health problems and missions.

I'm going to savor the time I get to talk with cousins I don't see nearly often enough.

I'm going to canoe around the pond with my kids.

I going to ache that Uncle David isn't there. I don't ever remember a reunion without him there. EVER.

I'm going to stay until everyone retires to their tents and then I'm going to be a wuss and go to a hotel room.

I'm going to cheer during the canoe races.

I'm going to enjoy every minute of being with my big, funny, loving, eccentric, crazy family.

I'm going to come home tired, happy and very grateful.


Rebecca Adams said...

I'm only going to be coming for Friday with some of my family, but it will still be fun! I can't wait!

mudderandfodder said...

we are excited and it will be a great reunion. I am going to stay until everyone goes to bed and then go to our hotel room as well!! See you soon. Love ya

missy said...

Sounds like a great way to spend a weekend!

Scott / Lori said... too!!! Except when everyone goes to bed I will be heading off to my tent. I am thinking by then my dear husband will have all the kids tucked into their sleeping bags, sleeping soundly. (Well, I can hope can't I?)

Alison said...

Have a great time!!

Leslie said...

it was great. i'm tired. love ya.