I Loved The Voice

It's been awhile since I enjoyed a new show as much as I enjoyed The Voice. In fact, it's been awhile since I looked forward to ANY show as much as I looked forward to this one each week.

I've watched American Idol now for years and every year, I'm annoyed by the live auditions. Here's why: They're completely staged and they're often insulting. I have a younger brother who can really sing. He's amazingly talented. And he's cute--curly dark blond hair, blue eyes, good smile. He's also really likable. He auditioned for AI three times. He never made it past the screeners in the parking lots because he didn't "fit" what they were looking for. And yet every year we're subjected to weeks of embarrassing people with zero talent being let through so that the judge's have material for their snarky, trying-to-be-funny remarks. Sure, they let through a few that will move on to the end, but the auditions are all for America to laugh at someone's expense.

Then comes The Voice. From the first week, we only saw real talent. The people who were let go those first couple of weeks were as good as most of the Top 12 on AI. And the ones that moved through were excellent. The system rewarded talent, not attractiveness, marketability or sluttiness. Some of the people who made it through weren't pretty people. But they could sing. And no contestants were made fun of or used for cheap laughs. Everyone was treated respectfully.

And instead of giving us Simon, Randy, Paula, Ellen, Stephen, Jennifer, and Kara, sitting there commenting on their clothes or whether or not they like country music, or flirting with each other or Ryan, we had Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera, CeeLo Green and Adam Levine, coaching, mentoring, and caring about the contestants. And not just the ones on their own teams, but about all of the contestants.

I loved how fast-paced it was. AI starts in January and ends in May. The Voice was just ten weeks from start to finish. Maybe that was because it was its first season and they'll tweak it a little, but it was so nice to have it move along.

And speaking of moving along, give me Carson Daly's slightly awkward, crooked mouthed, but straight-to-the-point delivery and interaction with the contestants and coaches over Ryan Seacrest's slick, fake, banter-filled hosting any day. Ryan thinks the show is about him. Carson know's its not about him.

And the talent standing at the end pretty much sums it up. Dia Framption and Javier Colon were separated by only two percent of the vote. Dia was number 1 on I-tunes. Javier won the show. I didn't care which way it went. They were both fantastic. And their original songs were both better than any original song EVER on AI.

I'll be watching The Voice next season, for sure. You should join me and we can talk about it. Did you watch it? What did you think?

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Lisa ~ Bookworm Lisa said...

I agree! I loved the voice, nothing but good music. I thought it was funny in the first episode how discouraged some of the coaches were when they let a pretty girl go... she didn't have as great a voice as her looks, but she was still fantastic. A show that I feel comfortable letting my kids watch as well.

Lolawid said...

I loved watching the Voice too!! It was fun listening to the judge's banter back and forth between each other. We also loved seeing what CeeLo wore each week. I'll have to admit though, that Christina's cleavage was a little distracting. I mean, every show?! Oh yeah, Beverly's performances were a little distracting too, my hubby said he had to close his eyes and just listen to her.

Mindy said...

I watched half an episode, and actually really enjoyed it... but that show went the way of all my tv watching... it just didn't happen. I don't even know what night it's on. Hopefully I'll remember to watch it next season... I don't know what has happened to my tv watching life. Sigh. ;)

Anonymous said...

Watched it! loved it! became a fan! will watch next season! it was so refreshing to watch this show with the "coaches" really mentoring the contestants and not being "judges" to criticize and belittle the singers. I, too, got very tired of Christina's cleavage and Beverly's bald head, yelling and stomping around. But, wow, it was wonderful to see the two I picked from the very first show come in as number 1 and number 2.
I can't imagine next season bringing in two more talented singers than Dia and Javier! And one more thing... two thumbs up for Carson Daly and two thumbs and 8 fingers down for Ryan Seacrest. Bye Bye American Idol for good and welcome "The Voice." LMH

Leslie said...

it was great. i only watched three or four episodes, but the ones i saw made me wish i had been watching all season. i may have to go online and play 'catch up'.

the right two people were even in the top two!!! i thought they were both amazing.

and boy oh boy do i have a crush on adam levine and blake shelton.

WAY better than american idol even at american idol's peak. i didn't even watch american idol this past season and i didn't miss it for one moment.

i hope 'the voice' pushes american idol to call it quits completely.

down with the idol! :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

I'm an old man and not much into American Pop Music, but I just couldn't believe how much I enjoyed the duet sung by Javier Colon and Stevie Nicks (or whatever her name is). AMAZING!

It was even better than the duet sung by Dia and Blake Shelton the previous night. Also AMAZING!

Loved the positive feelings this show fosters; especially all the LOVE.

LL said...

I have never watched AI. (i don't watch a lot of tv)
BUT the Voice---it pulled me in one night when I happened to turn it on. Loved it. Yes, I'll try and remember to watch it next season!