I Need a Rock... A Large One

I need a rock to crawl under and hide.

This morning I took a walk with my daughters. They're young and fit. I'm not. But I'm working on the fit part. We took the walking trail around the Cedar Hills golf course. I've been told it's about 2 1/2 miles and about 1/3 of it is uphill. It's a good workout if you walk quickly and we were.

Veronica had been sharing a few pointers she'd learned in her aerobics class. She showed us how to walk with the right posture and the best way to swing the arms. At one point she held her hands above her head. Savannah and I thought it was a workout trick, so we did the same. Then Veronica told us she was just trying to get her nails to change colors (she had nail polish on that changes color in the sunshine.) We laughed and put our arms back to our sides.

We passed quite a few people--runners, a couple of cyclists, a few people walking their dogs. Everyone  said hi and everyone smiled. Some looked amused as they smiled. We smiled and said hi back.

Then Veronica turned to me to say something and said, "Oh no, Mom. You're shirt's up."

I looked down and sure enough, my shirt was bunched up. If I hadn't had my "underwear" on, I'd have  been exposing my entire stomach. Even though I wasn't exposing myself completely, it wasn't a good look. I can only assume that it had been like that since Veronica had tried to change the color of her nail polish. And that had been awhile.

No wonder everyone smiled so widely.


missy said...

"Some looked amused as they smiled." Oh no, the dreaded I-know-something-you-don't-know smile. Well, it could have been worse.

Veronica's nail polish sounds fun. My daughter would totally love that!

Lolawid said...

I've been on that trail. It's killer!! My 14 year old son had to push/cheer me on the whole way up. Sorry about your wardrobe malfunction... :o)

mudderandfodder said...

I am sure they were just being friendly!! wink! wink! It is a good thing we all have our embarrassing moments so we can empathize with each other.

Thanks for coming. It was a really good day. Love, LMH

Shanda said...

LOL- at least you have a good attitude about it. I'll remember that when it happens to me. It totally sounds like something I would do. :)

Leslie said...

oh no.

thank heaven for 'underwear'.

Scott / Lori said...

I guess it is time to realize we can't do all our kids can do.......and look smooth doing it. Sorry about your humiliation, hopefully all of the passer-by smirkers were not people you will be seeing at church today.