It's Late...

It's late, and I really should go to bed. But I need to do a blog posting and I have a lot of things running around in my mind, so I know if I go to bed, I'll just be looking at the dark ceiling and thinking about things like blog posts, poems, short stories, home construction, track and field, tornadoes and school getting out.

So I think I'll quickly write about them and then I'll go to bed. Hopefully then I'll be able to sleep.

Blog posts: Sometimes I feel inspired so I write. Sometimes I write and then get inspired. And sometimes it's hard to do either. But I will tell you this: Writing this blog has turned out to be a lot more enjoyable than I expected. It's made me look at things a little differently. Something that in the past would have been just another random experience suddenly becomes blog-worthy. The funny thing is, sometimes my husband or one of my kids will say "You should write about that on your blog." I struggle with that. Maybe it's because I'm an ego-maniac, but if something doesn't strike me a certain way, it's hard for me to run with it.

Travis had an idea for a novel. He calls it "The Origami Murders." It would make an interesting story or movie and he thinks I should write it. I can't. At The Whitney Awards, we sat at a table with a couple who write books together. He thought that would help inspire me and we left with him enthusiastically talking about "The Origami Murders." So far, I'm just not inspired. Sorry Travis. Maybe someday.

I went to Poetry Picnic in the Park with Joe today. After eating lunch and watching a bunch of screaming 4th graders play, we sat down with our child and they shared their poetry book with us. Among the many poems each child wrote was one they had to write about the rainbow. Here's Joe's:

Basketball Rainbow

Red is the color of the Chicago Bulls.
Orange is the color of a basketball.
Yellow is the color of a loser Laker jersey.
Green is the color of a Celtics jersey.
Blue is the color of Jimmer's jersey.
Indigo is the color of the Jazz's jersey.
Violet is the color of TCU's jersey.

He's a talented boy, right? And he likes basketball.

Today I found out my friend's short story is being published. I read the story several months ago and loved it. I'm excited for him. It's brilliant writing and a seriously entertaining story. I'll be linking you up to it when I have a link. It's a risk because my writing will likely suffer by comparison, but you'll also see how lucky I am to have someone like him look over my work!

Last summer they built two houses across the street. Now they're building two houses on our side of the street. I'm tired of the construction. Twice in the last two days I've had to ask people to move vehicles or machinery just to get out of my driveway. Today there were two cement trucks, two dumptrucks, two backhoes, one flatbed truck, one crane and about fifteen guys ALL ON OUR LITTLE STREET. And it's so noisy. It  makes me want to go somewhere quiet to work, like a hockey game or an amusement park.

Joe ran in a little track meet tonight. He's a pretty fast kid and he qualified for the next round in the Hershey track meet. That means in two weeks we'll go back and he'll run again to try to qualify for the State tournament. I'm taking bets now. Not on if Joe wins or loses, but on whether or not I'll need to wear a parka for that track meet. WE FROZE TONIGHT!

I continue to watch the tornadoes this season, especially the aftermath of the Joplin tornado that left part of my family homeless. I can only imagine the weariness they must be feeling, trying to put their lives back together one piece, one day, sometimes one hour at a time. This life is so full of hard things. Monumentally hard things. I admire all of you trudging through it and hope you find your burdens lightened and peace in your hearts.

And finally,

SCHOOL'S OUT. Well, it will be tomorrow. For all practical purposes, it's out. And can I just say how happy I am. I'm so finished with homework, with projects, with finals, with early mornings, with teachers I'm not loving and with countless activities. We've been losing our mind as my friend Alison can attest to. (Sorry Alison. Here's my public flogging for forgetting something really important!)

Give me a little sleeping in, summer reading, sunshine, easy trips to Grandma and Grandpa's and a summer trip. We're ready for it!


Leslie said...

i love random postings...

i would write one tonight as well if i could possibly be positive at all.

but i will keep my thoughts to myself tonight.

i am glad school is out as well. we will get to see you all more often, i hope.

mudderandfodder said...

I loved for school to get out. I loved having my kids home with me. I loved all the interesting things on this post. I loved Joe's poem.
Love, LMH

Torrie said...

Yeah, I can relate to blogging being a lot more fun than I thought it would be--it's helped me to see that there ARE a lot of aspects of my life worth recording and worth sharing. Keep it up!