Some Thoughts on Getting Older

Tomorrow's my birthday. I'm getting older. Let's just say that when my mom was my age, I thought she was kinda old. So I guess I'm kinda old. Most of the time I don't feel old. I'm often surprised by the actual number of years I've lived. But other times, I do. I've discovered that aging is a mixed bag--most things aren't great, but there are a few perks. Here are some of my thoughts on getting older.
  • My knees aren't great. If I don't pay close attention to what I'm doing, I pay for it. I can walk the hills around our house, but I have to conscientiously think about how I'm stepping so that I keep my knees aligned. There are other things I'd rather be thinking about.
  • I no longer feel obligated to finish a book or a movie I've started. If I don't like it, I quit. I don't want to waste time on something I'm not enjoying.
  • My kids feel more like friends. That's not to say there isn't still parenting that has to be done, but honestly, I like talking to my kids. I find them funny and clever and smart and mature. I'd rather hang out with them than with most people I can think of.
  • I'm proof that some dreams come true when you're older. I became an author--not in my 20s or 30s, but in my 40s. 
  • I'm also proof that some dreams die as you get older. I think my knees and my age have killed my dream of going on The Amazing Race. This makes me sad.
  • We can take fun family vacations and know that all of us will remember them. (At least until I'm older and lose my memory.)
  • After decades of fighting my hair, I now know how to work with it. This is a biggie!
  • I can unapologetically like whatever kind of music I want to like. I'm also free to dislike whatever music I don't like. Musical peer pressure is a thing of the past!
  • I have to keep track of glasses--one pair to read and a different pair to see the TV or movies. This can be very frustrating as it seems the pair I need is rarely where I am.
  • My parents are getting older. I know this is a really obvious thing, but the reality of it scares me.
  • I'm one of the older moms at school which gives me the freedom (and permission) to volunteer for what I feel like doing. Instead of feeling obligated to go to the school every week for one thing or another, I'm perfectly comfortable volunteering for the field trips. I'd much rather sit with my child on the bus than everyone else's child in the hall.
  • I have wrinkles. I just hope they're mostly smile wrinkles and not a furrowed brow.
So there you have it. My family is giving me a Kindle. I'm giving myself a half pound of See's. And then I'll have an entire year to get used to being this old.


Alison said...

Hey...I was going to bring you See's...

Happy Birthday Friend!(tomorrow)

John + Bethany said...

Enjoyed reading your thoughts on getting older. Tomorrow is my birthday too, so happy birthday to us! You will love your Kindle!

Tawnie said...

Happy Birthday tomorrow!!! I don't think you are old. I also don't think my mom is old. And really I don't see your parents as being all that old. My grandma is 93 but you'd never guess it. She's a whipper snapper and a lot of fun to be with. My sister doesn't like birthdays because she doesn't like getting older. I don't mind getting older.

"It is not the years in your life but the life in your years that counts."

You are great at keeping life in your years.
Here's to another wonderful year to you. Happy Birthday.

Aim Aug said...

I've never noticed any wrinkles, but I do notice your smile, a lot! Happy early birthday!

Kristi said...

Happy Birthday Karey! Hope you have a fun-filled day. Love you.

Karey said...

Loved your blog, but...You are still just a kid!! I am much older than you and I still feel like a kid much of the time. So, welcome to life as an eternal kid!! It's great to be able to continue to enjoy life no matter what the age. The upside of getting older is that we have learned a lot over the years and can (hopefully) be a guide to our kids and grand-kids. Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter. I love you. LMH

Anonymous said...

Whoops!!! Maybe I am older than I thought! I just posted my comment to Karey from Karey and I am not Karey. So, ditto to the previous comment and I guess it should read from from "DEAR OLD MOM" Love you lots. LMH

Mindy said...

Happy Birthday yesterday! I agree... there are definitely some perks to getting older. :)