You've Won $100,000--Now What?

Recently I overheard an interesting discussion. It was taking place between a mother and her teenage son. It went something like this.

Son: What would you do if someone walked up to you and handed you $100,000 and told you to spend it on whatever you want.

Mother: I'd put most of it in the bank to pay for you kids' college.

Son: That's so boring. What if you had to spend it on something cool?

Mother: College is cool.

Son: It can't be college or bills. It has to be something cool.

Mother: Maybe I'd buy a car or a boat.

Son: A boat would be cool. But you'd probably get a practical car, so that would be boring.

The lesson I gathered here is that mom's are pretty boring when it comes to $100,000 gifts. I thought about where I'd spend $100,000 and most of my ideas probably aren't cool--college funds, medical bills, and missionary expenses probably wouldn't be considered cool enough.

So what "cool" things could I spend my hundred grand on?

I'd probably buy a car since there aren't many times when I'm going to have $100,000 to blow on something.

I think I'd get some comfy theater chairs for our theater that is now filled with old church choir chairs that get really uncomfortable by the end of a movie.

I'd definitely plan an amazing family vacation that we could take when Bruce gets home from his mission. Better yet, we could take the family to pick him up and then fly to New Zealand--one of the places I want to go before I die.

I'd buy Travis a new watch. He really likes watches.

I'd buy a refrigerator for the garage that doesn't leak. Oh wait. That probably isn't cool.

I'd buy a complete set of the Oxford English Dictionary that costs more than any dictionary should cost, and send it to my friend who reads and gives feedback on my books.

I'd fly Mehmet back over from Turkey to visit. Then I'd refuse to let him go back.

I'd buy all my nieces and nephews (and any of their parents that want one) large DQ Blizzards. And I'd have a Georgia Mud Fudge one with them.

I'd buy a 5 pound box of hand-picked assorted See's chocolates and I'd share them with everyone who wanted one.

And then I'd probably be out of money.

Any cool things you'd do if someone handed you $100,000? (Sorry, I'm not offering.)


Kristi said...

I buy a new couch, but that is boring. A trip to Italy for as many in the family as it could cover. 100,000 would go quick if you are buying for 60ish people.

Anonymous said...

I would take it all in cash and stash it in a hiding place for a rainy day. Then, when Obama, Bernanke & Soros complete their agenda, I would take the whole 100k out of hiding and buy a nice pair of socks.

Anonymous said...

$100,000? Sorry, not enough! I need that amound times ten so I can give $100,000 to each of my kids to help them through the mess our economy is in! Just sayin'. LMH

Rebecca Adams said...

I would definitely buy another car since we only have one car at the moment. We also need new couches. I would use some of it for a down payment on a house so we can finally get out of renting! Getting your own house is cool, right? :) Then I would go for ice cream. That sounds good!

missy said...

Can I have the dark marzipan from your box of See's?

I'd take my family on a cruise. Then I'd take them on an African Safari and then to Scotland. Oh, and I've always wanted to see Hawaii. And Australia. And Maine...

Tawnie said...

I'd pay off my van and buy John a new (used) car. That's cool because then I wouldn't have a car payment and John would have a car that doesn't smoke. I'd pay off the last little bit of our debt (that isn't our house) and take my family on a great vacation.
I have to spend it, right? Then I'd either put a large down payment on the land behind us or buy the cabin or both!!! Wait, I think I ran out of money a long time ago.

Scott / Lori said...

Uh-oh Missy already took the chocolates I wanted from you 5lb box so I guess I would have to buy my own box. I would love to go somewhere like Walmart or a restaurant and just secretly pay for people's stuff. Wouldn't that be fun? Then a great vacation and a master bedroom addition. Oops I don't think I can do all that for that amount. You better up it to $200,000. Ya know, as long as we are just daydreaming.

Melissa said...

I really wish I were given $100,000!

To me, there's really no point in dwelling on what I could get until I get the money, but if I had to choose something now, it would be a down payment on a townhouse. :)