Happy Birthday U.S.A.

Today we celebrate America. 

There is much to be concerned about in our country. Things are far from perfect and there are problems that need addressed or we may lose the country we love.

But today is about celebrating the things that are right about America. 

Imagine the courage of those that signed the Declaration of Independence. Those 56 men pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor. They were essentially committing treason. They were risking everything to establish something they believed was better. And they were right. Up until this time in their lives, they'd lived quietly as lawyers and jurists, merchants and tradesmen, and farmers. They were educated men with a vision of what could be and they were willing to risk everything for that vision.

That vision was freedom. 

I love the United States of America. From sea to shining sea. And even over the sea to Hawaii and Alaska.

I love the Judeo Christian values at the core of America. These traditions created the greatest country in the world. The loss of these traditions will spell the end of that country. We have to be as courageous as those men who signed The Declaration of Independence.

I love that so many Americans are patriotic. People stand, put their hands over their hearts. We sing along to the songs of America. We recite the pledge--every word of it. And we feel a surge of pride when we see and hear the symbols of America.

I love "The Star Spangled Banner." Some have said we should change the national anthem to something more peaceful, that doesn't sing of war and is easier to sing. I say no way. Sure it's a hard song, but when it's done right, there are few things that give me goosebumps or tears in my eyes quite like "The Star Spangled Banner." Long may she wave!

I love Old Glory. At the Stadium of Fire, the parachuter bringing in the flag, took out a barricade and crash-landed on the stadium grass, the flag landing in a heap on the ground. Our men in uniform, rushed to the flag and quickly and respectfully, picked it up and carried it off the field. It was very touching.

I love fireworks--the kind the professionals shoot off. And I like sparklers.

Happy birthday, U.S.A. I love you!


Kristi said...

Mark told us about your evening at the Stadium of Fire. Sounds like a whole bunch of fun and patriotism.
God Bless the USA!

Torrie said...

Yeah, there's a lot I worry about when it comes to the direction America is going. But I still am so grateful to be an American.

As long we trust in God like our forefathers did, the future will be bright.

Anonymous said...

I had a wonderful long week-end celebrating the birth of this great country that I love. A fun family gathering Friday and Saturday at a cabin with some of our family. Then Saturday afternoon and evening enjoying a grandson's birthday, followed by a gorgeous fireworks display at Eagle Wood Golf Course with more family. Sunday, having the privilege to worship God as I chose at church with family. Monday, July 4th, enjoying a barbecue and singing "Happy Birthday dear America" with more family. What could be more perfect!
God, country, family! I love them all with all my heart. LMH