Hard Choices

Last year I shared the story of my dad's brief foray into the world of politics. In that story, my mom single-handedly changed the course of Dad's political future. It was a move that I'm sure she thought about and didn't take lightly.

Last Friday was the deadline to file paperwork to run for city council. Because we have a lot at stake in our neighborhood and a few people who were running are outspoken in their opposition to the needs of our neighborhood, several discussions took place to try to find people to run who would work to protect our needs. It looked desperate for awhile and so I offered to run and went to the city offices to file my paperwork.

As I waited in the car for a friend who was meeting me there, I got sick to my stomach. It felt important--someone needed to do it--but I didn't want it to be me. I called my husband and told him I didn't want to do it. I'm finally writing, something I've wanted to do for years and years and I worried that this would derail my writing. I was also worried about the finances. We have a missionary out and I was concerned about spending money on a campaign that could end up amounting to a failure. And I worried about losing valuable time with my kids if I ended up being spread too thin.

My husband gave me a pep talk, told me how great I'd be and even offered to make omelettes on days that were extra busy. I still felt sick, but I went in and filled out the paperwork.

The next day, I learned that twelve people were running for the three seats. TWELVE!!! Surely of those twelve, there were some I could support who would feel the way I did about important issues.

So Saturday I spent hours contacting candidates and talking about the issues. I discovered there were others who feel like me.

So I did what my mom did. I single-handedly ended someone's political future.


How do I feel? Sad that I disappointed some people, but immensely relieved. I'm not sure I'd make a good politician anyway. I just proved I waffle too much.


Roz McClary said...

You would have been great! Just stepping up is a great success!

plpamlee@gmail.com said...

Karey I was wondering all the things you were wondering about.. I know you would have been awesome but priorities are important especially at this time of life..I wish I had never gone to work because I missed so much so I give you a thumbs up for your courage to run but a bigger thumbs up to put things in the right order and you will have times in the future to blossom in these areas

Lisa said...

the bottom line is that you would do great at whatever you tried. sometimes that isn't the point. there is good, better, and best. way to go for choosing best. LOVE YOU!

missy said...

You've just proved that we need to pray and then move forward in the direction we feel is best, but that God will stop us if it is wrong. I'm impressed you were willing to do what needed to be done -- until you realized someone else was also willing and maybe more able at this time of life. Hooray for happy endings! (Now let's just pray the right people are elected...)

Edonna said...

THAT was not waffling my dear. That sick stomach was your first clue. To everything there is a season. You're a mom first and a good one at that. I'm still proud to know you and amazed at all you balance in mommyhood and authoring!