Have You Had a Red Bull This Morning?

This morning I took my girls to have their annual physicals. They've both been dreading the experience. They were afraid they might have to get naked and they were afraid they might have to have a shot. 

Savannah, my 13-year-old, had herself worked into a frenzy this morning. She was completely stressed out. They called us out of the waiting room and the first thing the nurse did was put the oxygen/pulse monitor on their fingers. Savannah was nearly in tears. 

"Are you okay?" the nurse asked?
"No," she said.
"Have you had a Red Bull this morning?"
"No," Savannah said.
"Her heart is really racing," the nurse told me. Then she turned to Savannah. "Your pulse is 140. Is something wrong?"
"I don't want to have a shot."
"Oooohhhh. Honey, you won't have to have a shot. Don't worry."
"Really?" The relief was completely overwhelming. The tension drained out of her and she smiled.
"Let's try this again," the nurse said several seconds later and put the monitor back on Savannah's finger.

Now her pulse was down to a normal 65. She was so relieved that she wasn't going to have a shot.

Then we went into the examination room and the nurse looked through her paperwork.

Savannah had to have a shot after all.


plpamlee@gmail.com said...

oh sweet Savannah.. she wouldn't have wanted to be me a couple of saturdays ago when I was in the emergency room with my head cracked open and having to have 6 shots.. I have gotten better as the years have passed but I don't like shots either

LL said...

oh no!
this made me laugh--poor girl!

Anonymous said...

Next time, call me Savannah and i will go with you and hold your hand. Love you! Granny LMH

Kristi said...

That is cheap. Poor girl.

amanda said...

Oh poor Savannah!! I can completely relate!

Torrie said...

Well now that's just cruel.

missy said...

My 13-year old Savannah has her school physical next Friday and I can guarantee her heart will be racing, too! She is terrified of shots and it's almost a sure thing that she'll have to have one. Yikes!