Look at Your Life Through Heaven's Eyes

I love this song from "Prince of Egypt" and this version with Brian Stokes Mitchell and The Mormon Tabernacle Choir is fantastic!

Listen to the words. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that the way we see ourselves is very different from the way others see us, and especially different from the way our Heavenly Father sees us.


Anonymous said...

I looooove Brian Stokes Mitchell'f voice. He is so talented. And i love how he interacts with the choir...it isn't all about him. In my opinion that is s sign of a great performer. And i love this song. Thanks for sharing this. LMH

Savannah:) said...

Ohh I LOVE this:) It's such a pretty song and his voice is perfect. That was amazing!!

By the way, this is Missy Stowell's daughter, Savannah. My mom loved it too. :)

Scott / Lori said...

He is so good! I really enjoyed listening to that tonight. Thanks!