Sadly, It Came...

I didn't want it to come.

When I was a child, summer vacation came at the end of May and we didn't go back to school until a few days before Labor Day. Summer lasted three whole months. The days were filled with hours of playing outside, trips to visit relatives, reunions, out-of-town relatives coming to stay with us and more playing. The summer stretched out so long that I felt excitement about school starting. I disliked school so much that my excitement was always surprising (and usually only lasted for the first day or two of school).

This summer seemed way too short. The reunions still happened. We had a wonderful family trip. We saw family we don't see often enough and the kids played. But not enough. There weren't enough easy summer days. Nothing felt relaxed. Every week flew by. The kids went to girls camp and trek and EFY. We toured campuses as Veronica began her search for a college to attend. We attended summer basketball tournaments. But we didn't get to go see Grandpa and Grandma enough and we didn't get to play with cousins enough. We didn't get to play night games enough and there weren't enough days with nothing scheduled.

We needed more time.

But we didn't get it.

Joe was excited for school. It helped that he got the teacher he wanted. But Veronica and Savannah didn't feel that excitement. Veronica has to take ACTs, choose a college, research and apply for scholarships, and take an AP writing class that she's dreading. Savannah just doesn't like school.

And I miss my kids.

I've decided we need two summer vacations every year. One to fill with camps and activities and all those scheduled things and one with nothing scheduled.

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. That way we can just play and swim and hang out and relax and eat ice cream.

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missy said...

Today was day #8 of school for us. I'm not impressed. As much as I thought I'd like having the whole day to get stuff done, it's way overrated. My kids come home frustrated and tired. Our mornings are way too rushed. Homework takes up all afternoon and there's no time for them to just be kids. Boo on school. One of these days I'll blink and they're going to be gone. :(

John said...

My number 1 complaint - It's too hot to start school. I think that means itis still summer. My summer has been so busy but I think my kids didn't feel as busy as I did. I think they had a lot of lazy summer days playing with friends and doing nothing.
We are now just trying to get use to a new school schedule and a new home schedule and it's making certain kids ornery. Just wishing if we had to be in school, the temperature could at least drop 10 or so degrees.
Sam is lonely and doesn't know what to do with himself and itches to go places. I think it's going to be a rough year for him. We'll see.
Christmas is around the corner. At least that means your boy has been out a year!!!

Kristi said...

I agree. There wasn't enough carefree days. We had some, but not enough. Maybe they weren't as carefree because now I am the mom. I still have to maintain the home, go to stores, clean the house.
I hope my kids felt the carefreeness that I remember as a kid.

Leslie said...

agreed. AMEN!

Maggie said...

Wouldn't that be nice! Cute kids though. I hope their school year goes well.

Anonymous said...

I love those kids. they are great. I agree with your sentiments about school starting after Labor Day and getting out the end of May. A few less teacher prep days and shorter spring break, etc. would be one way to achieve this. How can they learn anything when it is so hot in the classrooms? Come on people. Lets be smarter!! LMH