The Rock was not My Friend and Other Lessons Learned on the Trail

Last night, I went on a mother/daughter hike with the Young Women in our ward. At seven different points along the 3.6 mile round trip hike, we stopped to hear a brief message about the different Young Women values. The last stop before heading back down was a beautiful waterfall, where there were pictures taken, the girls pledged to be virtuous daughters of God and we had a snack (including a small Hershey's with almonds that tasted heavenly). The hike wasn't a walk in the park. It was tough, just like remaining virtuous in a world full of temptations. 

In addition to faith, divine nature, individual worth, knowledge, choice and accountability, good works, integrity and virtue, I learned a few other things.

I learned that my training is paying off and I was no more winded than most people on the hike. I felt pretty healthy and strong.

I learned that even though a rock in the stream bed you're crossing looks stable, it might not be.

I learned that when you're falling and you see the jagged rock your face is going to hit, it's terribly frustrating that you can't do anything to avoid it.

I learned that trying to break your fall with your hands probably prevents a more dangerous impact to your head, but there's a trade-off--your hands get bruised and chewed up pretty good.

I learned that large amounts of blood scare YW leaders and make your daughters cry.

I learned that a shirt pulled up to cover the wound serves two purposes--it spares your daughters from seeing the actual wound and it serves as a compress to help slow the flow of blood.

I learned that a bright red shirt doesn't camouflage blood.

I learned that 1 1/2 miles is a long way to go when your head is in a bandana tourniquet. 

I learned that a surgical nurse (Chanel) and a Young Women's president (Kristin) make a pretty good medical team and that Chanel's living room is a much cozier place to get stitches than Instacare or an emergency room.

I learned that I have lots of wrinkles around my eyes.

I learned that a head wound can bring on a pretty incredible headache.

I learned that the love and concern shown by two fantastic daughters is enough to make a mom's heart melt.

And I learned I'm pretty tough.


Mindy said...

Oh, darn it... that looks so painful. I had to scroll so the picture was off my screen as I read your post... it was making me cry from sadness for you. You are tough. :)

John said...

oh karey!! I am so sorry.
Way to look at the bright side. :/
Love you!

Aim Aug said...

So glad Chanel could stitch you up! So sorry that happened! And you do not have wrinkly eyes.

Michelle said...

Karey, what a MEMORABLE way to help all the girls remember their pledge to be virtuous. As a mother seeing that picture you went far and above what most of us do. (OUCH, you POOR THING!)

Pam said...

oh wow can I ever relate to this and another thing you didn't have a $3200 doctor bill at the end.. I feel your pain but was happy to hear that even in that situation you can find the silver lining..

Lisa said...

i'm so sorry. i hope you feel better.

Scott / Lori said...

That looks bad. Sorry you fell. Sorry you had to get stitches. Glad you are going to be okay. Glad you had lots of good people to look after you. Glad your girls were there with you. Glad your training is paying off. Love you!

LaRee said...

So sorry Karey, you must be in lots of pain. You are such a good writer, I hope all the YW read what you wrote about your experience. It is awesome & can help them to understand what life is all about! Sure hope you heal fast!!!

Anonymous said...

I swear I saw that very cut in Rocky III. You sure you and Travis weren't duking it out?

Anonymous said...

I can't look at the picture either. It looks so painful. I am so sorry it happened and all you wanted to do was be a good Mom and be with your girls! I have known you are a "tough cookie" since the day you were born. I appreciate your positive outlook and the lessons you teach through your experiences. Love you, LMH

missy said...

Oh. Ouch. Hope your recovery is quick and complete! I love the YW activity idea. When you get feeling better, I'd love to hear more about the things the girls were told at each know, just in case we were to copy your idea or something like that. ;)

Christie said...

Ouch! That looks so painful. And how lucky to not have to sit for hours in the ER. You poor thing.

Melanie said...

I hope you have a quick recovery! I'm really glad you had some awesome people there to patch you up, and that it wasn't any worse!

Melissa said...

OMGoodness, I'm glad you are okay, and didn't need to go to the hospital!

Edonna said...

OUCH! Dang. Your poor girls! I would have had a meltdown to see my mother with something like that. And you tried to protect them. What a great mom!
More than a week later, I hope you're doing better, and the headaches have subsided.