Give Til It Hurts!

As you can see from the flyer above and the new donation widget on my sidebar, I'm encouraging all of us to get a jump on the upcoming season of giving and start giving now. If we give now, it might still hurt a little, but it won't hurt quite as much as if we're asked to give in sixty or so days.

There is much good to be done in the world and if we'll all do a little, we'll be able to collectively give a lot.

So give a few dollars and help send a single parent to school and take your honey or your kiddo or your friend and enjoy an evening of live music and give a little to help a couple create a family. Let's all do something.


Anonymous said...

thanks for this posting. each day I check it to see the comments and I have been surprised that no one has commented. I am sure it is because as we all GIVE, we want to do it anonymously. I know most people out there are generous and look for a cause to support. Most people I know, GIVE all year long, and then during November and December, hearts are opened even more, and the GIVING is increased. It is a wonderful time of year, and as we "count our many blessings," it is a great time to GIVE as never before. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a very Merry Christmas. Thanks for the inspiration you GIVE in your postings. You inspire me! LMH

Anonymous said...

Sometimes giving is giving time and support. This concert was fantastic with the musicians giving their all! There were few in attendance and that was sad to see with so much talent there. Best wishes to the couple who trying so hard to be parents.

LexKa said...
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