Last Week, I...

Made a huge pan of corn chowder. I love good soup.

Visited my son's classroom and talked about being an author. The children were attentive, respectful and curious. Joe looked so proud of me that I almost choked up. It was so much fun.

Melted down twelve pounds of white chocolate and made Bountiful temple candies for my nephew's wedding dinner and reception. Congratulations Richard and Haley.

Wrote two blog postings and three letters.

Re-wrote thirty pages of my book.

Ran eight miles (not in a row and not very fast).

Watched The Amazing Race, most of Project Runway, Pioneer Woman, most of The Sing-Off and part of The X-Factor. I had to turn away during part of The X-Factor. I find the judges so nauseating that I almost threw up a little.

Gasped when it snowed. It's too early to be snowing. I want Autumn to last for three months, like it does on the calendar.

Watched Elder Holland's Priesthood session talk with my family. It made up for not being able to see him speak during the sessions I watched.

Pinned some recipes that look mouthwatering on my Pinterest Boards. If only I could make them as easily and inexpensively as I pin them.

Laughed at several golfers out my back window who lost their ball in the water and still spent way too long hunting for it in the water's edge. Sometimes I holler back there and tell them their ball went in the water. This time I just watched and laughed.

Turned the heat on. As I sat and wrote, my fingers and nose were freezing. I can layer with sweaters and jackets and hats, but I can't type with my hands in gloves and I can't see when a scarf is wrapped around my nose. I had to give in.

Felt: joyful when I got Bruce's letter, excited when Veronica got her "yes" response to Sadie's, happy when I saw Savannah's excitement about her guitar lesson, disappointed that I missed Joe's spectacular football game, thrilled when our friend Skyler went into the MTC, proud at parent/teacher conferences, annoyed when I heard about junk my husband deals with at work, and thankful every night that my family was safe and accounted for.


Mindy said...

Hooray for the running! Way to go!! I love Project Runway. I think I need Tim Gunn to call me every day and just say, Make it work, Mindy. ;)

Snow. Blah.

I was sad Elder Holland didn't speak in the regular sessions too. I have a page for him in my scripture journal... I'll have to go watch the priesthood session so I can fill it in. :)

Torrie said...

Whew, what a weekend! I didn't know that Richard was your nephew--Haley is one of my good friends. I had planned on driving down to Bountiful for it, but Matt had to work :(

And I've been meaning to tell you that I'm in the middle of reading your book. I'm only about halfway through, but hopefully I'll finish within the next couple days. Just thought you'd want to know :)

missy said...

Sounds like a good week to me -- well, except for the snow part. And I know what you mean about Elder Holland's priesthood session talk. Amazing!

Anonymous said...

What a full, fun and exciting week you had. Same for me. Lots of company, special events, beautiful fall weather and so many wonderful blessings in my life. LMH

Leslie said...

me too!

hahaha. just kidding. i didn't do most of those things.