Some Things Are Better Left Unknown

I think it's better not to know when you've missed out on the deal of the day. Joe wants K-nex for Christmas. Wootkids had a bundle of four K-nex sets--the Razor, Chomp, Turbo and Spider Moto-bots--for 1/3 the regular price. I excitedly clicked the button to order them and they were sold out. I've been sick about it all day.

I think it's better not to know when an old boyfriend or girlfriend wishes they'd have married you instead. It just raises a bunch of what-ifs that are better left unexplored. And if you didn't know you wouldn't have to feel sorry for them that you don't feel the same.

I think it's better not to know if the milk is on it's last day of "Best by." If I don't know, I can put it my cereal with confidence and not give it another thought. If I do know, I wonder if it's tasting a little off. And in my mind, I can actually make it taste wrong.

I think it's better not to know what you're getting for Christmas. When I was a teenager, I was babysitting my younger brothers and sisters and when most of them were in bed, my brother and I carefully unwrapped and then rewrapped all our presents. It kinda spoiled it for us. We deserved that.

I think it's better not to see the ad on for the perfect guitar with a case that is just the color of wood a certain daughter wants for Christmas two minutes after someone else has committed to buy it. I wish I hadn't even seen it.

I really wish I hadn't discovered how yucky it was under my dishwasher. When I didn't know about the filth, I felt like a much cleaner person.

I wish I'd never discovered that a certain someone who I thought was my friend, really didn't like me much. I was blissfully happy being friends and now that I know it wasn't real, it's a bit of a bummer. 

I wish I didn't know about Typing Maniac. The compulsive side of my personality (and it's a pretty big side) wants to hit the 2,000,000 mark and I've wasted way too long trying. I wish I'd never been introduced to that time-suck of a game.

Sometimes ignorance really is bliss.


missy said...

I wish I didn't know that your son wanted K'Nex for Christmas. I gave all of ours away and now I wish I could send them to you! (I love woot, by the way!!)

I wish my last missionary companion hadn't left her weekly letter to her parents sitting on the couch when she went to take a shower. I glanced down, saw my name and kept reading. Yeah, she pretty much hated me and basically told her parents how awful I was. Up to that point, I had no idea. I thought we got along really well.

I wish you'd never mentioned Typing Maniac. It sounds like something I'd really like, but I'm easily addicted to things like that so I'm going to do my best to pretend I've never heard of it.

I wish I didn't know that I ordered "Gifted" for myself for Christmas. I'll have to wrap it up as soon as it arrives so that I won't read it right away! :)

I wish this comment wasn't so long. (Sorry!)

Kristi said...

Those were funny. Bummer about the K'nex and guitar.

John said...

really?! Wow. Nice post.

Edonna said...

Wow, were you talking about me? One of your wishes happened to me too. One you've never experienced (Hope you never have to) is knowing where your kids really are. In the first years my oldest left home, it was not unusual for 7-9 months to pass between contact. I never knew where he was going to be. When 2 of them were homeless and bouncing, I thought I wanted to know how they were doing. NEVER MIND!!!! I learned some pretty awful truths about their struggles. Knowing was WAY WORSE than not knowing. I can now walk away from intriguing stories and gossip I happen to walk past at work. It's not worth the drama. I pray more fervently. I have greater hope and comfort in the redeeming and healing power of the Atonement. And I am trying to live so that I can hold God to some of His promises.

Leslie said...

good posting.

now i want to know who wishes they would have married you... and what friend of yours needs a punch in the face?

you can call me with those answers later. love you.