A Message for Tom Cruise

In 2001, I read a review for Echo Burning by Lee Child. It sounded interesting, so I checked it out at the library. It was my first introduction to Jack Reacher, the 6'5" and 250 pound hero. Jack is an ex-military cop, a loner, an advocate for the underdog and the guy you'd want to step in and fight your battle if you were being bullied.

I was hooked.

That summer, I checked out the four books that came before Echo Burning. Since then, I've eagerly anticipated each new book. I've had discussions with my brother and sister who have also read the books about who we'd cast to play him. We've talked about Vince Vaughn and Russell Crow. When I saw Thor last summer, I thought maybe Chris Hemsworth would be a good choice, although he might be a little bit too handsome.. Whoever it was, it needed to be a big man with a big presence. Jack isn't necessarily good-looking, but he's magnetic and interesting. He certainly isn't pretty.

Tom Cruise is pretty. And short. And small. I'm happy for Tom that he's managed to pull off the four impossible missions, but he's not big and burly, and tough. If I were about to be ravaged, I wouldn't want to have to rely on Tom Cruise to save me.

And now he's been cast as Jack Reacher in the upcoming movie adaptation of One Shot. While this is great news for Tom Cruise and all the short actors who will be cast as his co-stars so that maybe they can pull off the illusion that he's not shorter than the average man, it isn't great news for those of us who have been patiently waiting for Jack to come to the big screen.

It's really disappointing. If real Tom were the right person to play Jack, he'd break the arm of whoever suggested he play Jack and then he's quietly leave town and let a man of greater stature play the role.

I really wanted an actor with a big body and a big heart to play the part. Not just an actor with a big ego.

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Anonymous said...

You have heard of a "soapbox!" Right?
When I was young one of the most popular actors was Alan Ladd. He starred in so many great movies with ALL the leading ladies. On Google, his height is said to be somewhere between 5'4" to 5'7". All he had to do was to wear his shoes with "lifts" and stand on a soapbox. When a scene was shot with a taller actress, it was ALWAYS a close-up.
Now with Tom Cruise measuring in at 5'6' or 5' 7" (depending on what you read), he would be head and shoulders above Alan Ladd!! My point being...I have no point!
So, I will pull myself up to my
5'3" (on a good day with a good neck stretch) stature and go on about my business.
By the way, I am not a Tom Cruise fan!!! He irritates me, as do all the Hollywood crowd with their big egos. But, I hope the movie will be a good one for you Jack Reacher fans.
Love, LMH

Scott / Lori said...

Dear Anonymous, Your 5'3" is perfect for you. :) As far as Tom playing Jack Reacher, HA! That is all I can say. Come on Tom, turn it over to someone who can do the story and character some justice. I can take Tom as a spy, just not an ex-MP that is bigger than most, stronger than most, and very likeable. I am still hoping for a re-cast.

Leslie said...

oh that sucks. i am not saying that tom cruise won't do a good job acting the part, but i hate it so badly when i read a book and they cast the characters in the movie completely opposite of the way i pictured the person in the book.

that is why i rarely read books because then i am not disappointed in the casting when the movie comes out. hahaha.

sorry this was a disappointment to you gals.