Scattered Bits and Pieces

I think this might be the prettiest version of Silent Night ever. I love how it builds throughout the song and the harmonies are incredible.

Sometimes people surprise us. Last night we went to my husband's work Christmas party. There was an ice skating rink and he took his skates. I knew he could skate. He played hockey through high school and I'd seen him roller blade, but I'd never seen him ice skate before. He was amazing. He was weaving in and out of people, skating fast and then coming to a sudden stop while spraying ice all over. It was impressive and it made me sad that life and responsibilities (and the fact that almost every hockey league plays on Sunday) have robbed him of that. It was fun to see him have fun out there.

Savannah got her braces off and her smile is gorgeous. She looks older and I don't really like that. I'm not ready to have my third be fourteen next week. Last week she was fitted with a retainer. Yesterday I took Savannah and Joe grocery shopping. I let them get an ice cream cone and so she took out her retainer and put it on my purse. And then it disappeared. She and I went back to the store and hunted for it for nearly an hour and it's gone. Frustrating but not fatal. She and I will both pay more attention next time.

Speaking of grocery shopping, I hate changing clothes. (I know that didn't sound like it went together at all, but it will all come together, I promise.) I really do hate changing clothes, which is why I usually wear my Sunday clothes all day and why yesterday when we went grocery shopping, I was already dressed for the work Christmas party. I looked pretty cute in a dress and sweater and tights and boots. It was definitely the most stylish grocery shopping attire I've worn in a long, long time. But the tights were ill-fitting and I had to tug on them over and over. As I walked down an aisle filled with people I felt them slip. I didn't care to have a dozen people witness the dance I had to do to hike them back up, so I waited. And then it was too late. By the time I loaded the groceries into the car, the tights were around my knees and I was praying they wouldn't fall any further.

By the way, before I left the store I had a new pair of tights that I changed into before the party. They were much better.

Every year since we had children, we've bought Christmas ornaments year for the kids. They're marked and when the kids get married they'll take their ornaments with them so they don't start out with nothing. It has always made for a pretty but very mismatched tree. Last year, when we hit the after-Christmas sales, the girls asked if we could buy pink and teal and purple and lime green ornaments that were marked down 75% and have a Dr. Seuss looking tree this year. So we did and we love it. I still love all those other ornaments, but we're really enjoying our colorful and matching tree this year.

My Christmas shopping was finished and I was feeling so good about it. Savannah wanted some duck shoes, so I bought some online. The day after I bought them, she came home from a trip to the thrift store with a pair of duck boots that looked brand new. So now I'm not finished. I have to return those and figure out what to get her now. Any suggestions?

I'm an Amazing Race fanatic and during the past two weeks I've suffered two of the biggest disappointments I've faced in all 19 seasons. I wanted Andy and Tommy or Bill and Cathy to win and in the last two weeks, both of those teams were eliminated. Big bummer.

Spray and Wash works best at removing stains. That is according to Savannah's science project. It worked better than Shout or Fels Naptha at removing grape juice, olive oil, ketchup and chocolate.

Speaking of ketchup, why do some people call it catsup? Never understood that.

As long as we're talking about what people call things, I'd like to give an award to whoever came up with the knock-off brand name for Pepto-bismol. Pink Bismuth. Doesn't that just make you long for an upset stomach, just so you can take Pink Bismuth?

And now I think I need to go make some Christmas candy but I'm having trouble deciding if I should make See's fudge or English Toffee. Hmmm. Maybe I'll have to make them both.


Torrie said...

What a fun tree! The whole ornament-a-year thing is what my dad has been doing for us, too. And with the matching ornaments we got from my mom for a wedding gift, I think our tree is a perfect blend of matching-ness and personality. I'm excited to be blogging pictures of it today :)

Mindy said...

I know exactly what you mean about watching your husband do something he's good at. When I watched Brandon on his horse, riding like he was part of the horse... I felt bad that life had deprived him of that for so long. He always had one growing up.

Your tights story made me laugh out loud! So funny!! I still remember one time at my grandma Howell's when I was a little girl. My parents bought me tights at the store on the way, or something like that... I had never worn them before. They were way too small, but I was forced to wear them anyway. I still remember that awful feeling of the crotch at my knees and not being able to walk normal. (That might explain my aversion to stockings of any kind anymore. I don't wear nylons, even in the dead of winter. I just refuse.

Thanks for the heads up on spray and wash! I love that science experiment... I'm going to have to remember it for future use.

missy said...

Pretty tree! I'm loving the bright colors. Mine is of the mismatched variety.

Bummer about the retainer. My Savannah will likely get her braces off in January and she's already talked about how all her friends have lost at least one retainer. Argh!

I know what you mean about your husband's ice skating. When I think back to some of the things I used to really enjoy, I feel like it was another lifetime. Fun that he could go and have it all come back to him!

Your tights story is funny. I'm glad you worked it out before the party. Having your nylons around your knees at the grocery store among people you don't know is one thing, but having them around your knees at your husband's work party makes for great water cooler conversation and awkward silences for your husband at work the next day. :)

Kristi said...

Well what a cute tree indeed. I can't wait to see Savannah with her braces off. I want to see Travis on Ice. That is what it should be called, and I would pay money.
Tights? I can't do 'em, they're so itchy. I laughed (sorry) at your discomfort in the store. (I have a cousin who walked through the Chicago airport with her skirt tucked into the back of her nylons, a lumpy bottom exposed) Another reason to avoid nylons.
I like the taste of Pepto Bismol. Is that weird or normal? It taste like that pink chalky candy.
Can't wait to see you all.

Scott / Lori said...

NO! Not another bad tights experience. Glad you got some new ones.
Can't wait to see those new teeth and can't believe Savannah is going to be 14 and Bruce 20! Shocking. Pretty tree. Ours is our mish mash and the kids decorated it all by themselves.
Mmmmmmm. English Toffee. Did you make both, really?

Rebecca Adams said...

My favorite quote of your post: "Speaking of grocery shopping, I hate changing clothes." That made me smile! :)

I love your tree! I love all the fun colors!

Pink Bismuth/Pepto-bismal-----gag! I'd rather deal with an upset stomach than take that stuff. Although, my work had some chewable pepto-bismal tablets that actually weren't too bad! I just hate drinking the stuff.

I love reading your posts of random things. :)

Leslie said...

great thoughts.
pretty tree, but don't you miss the ones that are more meaningful? just wonderin'.