I Love Basketball!

I'm a spectator, not a player. I played church basketball as a teenager and embarrassed myself, but I'm a huge basketball fan.

I love a good score, but I also love the other things--a great assist, a rebound, or a blocked shot.

I've loved BYU basketball since I was a little girl.

I loved Boston Celtics basketball during the Larry Bird/Danny Ainge years.

I loved watching my brothers' and sister's teams play basketball.

I love Utah Jazz basketball.

I love watching my kids play basketball.

I love watching Jimmer play basketball.

I love watching anyone who beats the LA Lakers and the Miami Heat.

I love March Madness.

I love basketball.


Anonymous said...

I also love basketball. I love it for the same reasons you mentioned. I especially love it when I have a family member playing in the game. I used to love a close game, where one team won by one point with the score jumping back and forth from team to team. Now, in my old age, I like a nice comfortable win where I can sit back, relax and enjoy the talent of those playing...no matter what the level of expertise. LMH

missy said...

Since I don't deal with suspense very well, I'm with LMH -- I like a comfortable win, especially if BYU is the team winning! :)

We aren't big sports fans around here, but we love BYU anything and have also become Kings fans because of Jimmer. He still scores a lot. Hopefully someday soon that will translate into wins!