Pretty Things


I'm not a very fancy person. I don't wear much that's shiny and sparkly. I rarely wear anything more than my wedding ring. Several years ago, I lost a diamond out of my ring, so I bought a temporary replacement--a silver band I found at TJ MAXX  that cost me $14.00.

When I sold my first book, my husband bought me a ring that looks a little blingier. He said my silver band reflected badly on him. It made him look cheap. I disagreed and wasn't worried about it, but since his mother is a woman who wears all sorts of baubles and bangles, he had some strong feelings about it. So my wedding ring now is a bit fancier.

Even though I don't adorn myself with ornamental things, I really like pretty. I like pretty pillows, pretty pictures, and pretty fabrics. I don't accessorize myself much, but I love to accessorize my stuff.

So that's what the pictures above are. Pretty things to accessorize one of my favorite things--books. Who wouldn't want to read if they could mark their place with one of those beautiful bookmarks. And who wouldn't want to own a kindle if they could remove it from a case that looks like that?

My oldest daughter loves to read. My second daughter only does it if she has to or if she's convinced that a book is going to be romantic and that the girl will meet the guy in the first ten pages. I wonder if she'd be more interested if she owned some pretty motivation.

I'll read either way, but I'd sure like to trade in my sticky note for one of those bookmarks and my black neoprene kindle sleeve for a case like that.

(Kindle cover can be found here and similar bookmarks can be found here)

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Anonymous said...

Wow, those are gorgeous book marks. Did you make them? If so, I have a special day coming up! (; Like you, I am not a fancy schmancy person. But once in a while I like something with a little "bling." I bought a new top to wear and it has bling! Now, if I can just get the courage to wear it!! See you Sunday. Maybe you will see me in my "bling." LMH