There They Go, Too

A year ago I said goodbye to my son. He was leaving to serve a mission in Taiwan,  teaching the people of Taiwan about the gospel of Jesus Christ. It's been a good year, with the exception of a bike theft, two auto/bike accidents (both involving Bruce getting hit by the auto), and a bike crash that caused a chipped tooth, a concussion and some short-term memory loss. He assured us he's fine and only told us about it after he'd been cleared by the mission medical staff. But having a son on a mission brings with it a bundle of feelings and concerns that I try to fold up as small as possible and tuck away in my sock drawer in the interest of exercising faith.

Today I moved several more socks out of the drawer and added another bundle of feelings and concerns to the drawer. My parents left today for their second senior couple mission. This one is six months shorter than the last but feels different. Maybe it's because we're all older and time feels more fleeting or maybe it's because I already feel like I'm handling enough missing right now with the missing of Bruce, but this time I feel a heavier ache and a greater longing for them to be close.

The bundles of worry, missing and sacrifice feel pretty big right now. I'll probably do a better job of tucking them away and putting on a happy face in the coming days, but right now I'm having trouble getting the drawer closed.


missy said...

I'm sure they are doing plenty of missing, too...unless of course the MTC keeps senior couples as busy as the younger missionaries the first few days. Looking back, I'm sure that is by design so that they won't think about all they've just left behind.

Sorry you're having a hard time of it. I get the impression you are very close to your parents. Reminds me of what someone once said to me, "If you weren't homesick, I'd worry about the family you came from." It's a tribute to your parents that you miss them so much already!

Tawnie said...

I agree. This time is much harder. I asked John if it's because I just lost my dad or why it would be so hard for me this time.
But I have that same feeling. Maybe that we're all older and time is going faster.
What cute parents. And I am so lucky to have inherited them as mine.

Scott / Lori said...

Yeah what you guys said. My kids are struggling......bad. Especially my oldest. She has cried numerous times. They are so loved and will be missed so much. I don't want to wish life away, because my kids are already growing up too quickly.....but I will be glad next January.