Happy Valentine's Day! (A Few of My Favorite Things)

In honor of this day of love, I thought I'd share with you a few of the things I love.
Shortbread cookies. And shortbread cookies dipped in chocolate are even better. You can find the recipe for these buttery, mouthwatering treats here.
Cards or stationery. My mom and my daughter have a card obsession and some has rubbed off on me (although I'm not as good at writing letters as both of them.)
Personalized jewelry. I don't wear much jewelry. My wedding ring is usually it. But I have been known to wear a noodle necklace to church and I'd definitely wear something that represented the people I love the most. 
Fuzzy socks. I have cold hands and feet, and no, that doesn't always translate into a warm heart. But I love something soft and warm and fuzzy to warm up my blocks of ice at the end of my legs.
Pretty journals. I don't always do a good job of keeping a journal or writing down my writing ideas. But I find it much easier if a beautiful book is within reach. Eccolo makes the most beautiful leatherbound journals I've seen. I got lucky enough to find them at Tuesday Morning, where I bought all they had. Those should last me several years.
Anyone who knows me knows I love See's Chocolates. I think they're the best chocolates in the world.
And finally, I love flowers. I LOVE flowers. Right now my favorite flower is the ranunculus. Just say that. RANUNCULUS. Doesn't that sound fantastic? You might think they're my favorite flower because of their great name (ranunculus--I just wanted to say it again), but you'd only be partly right. Look at them. They're gorgeous!

Happy Valentine's Day!


Tawnie said...

Love it. Beautiful....BEAUTIFUL flowers.

missy said...

My son was just telling me about Ranunculus this morning. How weird is that? Yes, they are beautiful! And it's been years since I have had See's chocolates, but they are a sweet memory from my childhood. Dark chocolate marzipan. Oh Yum. Yeah, I'm pretty much in love with all the things you picked. I hope your heart day was happy! :)

Isabella Ruatoka said...

Ranunculus is a type of plant, and there are about 600 species of it. The flowers are usually associated with the name "buttercup" because they are often yellow. The ones you shared look like Persian buttercups that have already bloomed, or a type that's similar to it. Anyway, you have a good fave flower! Grow some in your garden. ;)

Leslie said...

this is freaky. i did a posting just like this for valentines this year. i had been planning it for about a week and i cannot believe you did this as well. that is really strange and freaky. i guess great minds think a like... ish.