Reading and Running and Ridiculous Goals

You may have noticed the little counter in the corner of my blog. It's tracking the number of Whitney finalists I've read. There are 35 finalists and I'm trying to read them all. In order to be able to vote in each category, I have to have read them all by April 23. There are some who read books so fast that reading that many books wouldn't be a challenge. This is fairly daunting for me.

When I was in high school, I ran the mile in track. Once, when one of my teammates was sick, I stepped in and ran the 2 mile. I came in second to last and felt like I was going to die. Now I'm well on my way to being an old lady and I've decided to run the Salt Lake half marathon. I've heard of some people going crazy as they get older and it's possible I might be one of those people. The Salt LLake half marathon is on April 21.

So I'm reading and running and running and reading.

Some days I feel strong and optimistic and some days I feel slow and my legs feel like rubber. Some books have been excellent but a couple have not really been my thing.

But I'm determined. And I'm doing my best to put meals on the table and clean socks in the drawers.

Any suggestions on what I should do with all my spare time toward the end of April?

Just kidding. I'm sure there will be plenty of things I've neglected that will be calling my name.


Rebecca Adams said...

That's awesome that you're going to do a half marathon! I haven't even gotten up the courage to do a half marathon yet. I've done four 5ks and I plan on doing a 10k this year. Eventually I want to do a half marathon and even a full marathon, but it will be a while before I do those. Good luck with your running and your reading! :)

Rebecca Adams said...

Oh...also, I didn't know you ran track in high school! I ran track for a couple of years--my junior and senior years. The first year I did mostly the 400 meter, but the second year I did shorter races, mostly the 200m. I was never any good, but it was still fun!

missy said...

Wow. I'm impressed! Have you thought about books on tape? I'm all about killing two birds with one stone!

Leslie said...

wow, we both let the cat out of the bag on our blogs this week. we are all crazy for doing this half marathon... but if we can finish, then we have some bragging we can do. :) you are the ring leader, so i think you are the most crazy. :)

good luck on the reading and good luck to us all on the running.

Karey said...

Missy, I'm actually doing that now, but with my Kindle. If I turn it on audio, there's a horrible computerized voice, so I turn the audio down and then put it on the treadmill. It automatically turns the pages for me and I can read it while I run without having to listen to the awful digital voice. I love killing two birds with one stone.

The had girls track practice in the morning before school. I only got to run one year because after that we started having early morning seminary and I couldn't do both.

Kristi said...

I would love to run the half with you ladies...maybe. I have always been a improve my time, not my distance type of girl. I don't think I have ever ran over 5 miles. And of course by April I will be a big fat pregnant thing. Maybe the next one...maybe.

I am sure you will reach both goals. You are quite the goal achiever.

Julie N Ford said...

Hey Karey,
Congratulations right back at you!
Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. It was so weird cause I was right in the middle of reading Gifted when I got your message. And just so you know, your book made me cry ... big alligator tears.
We should definitely meet up in May!
Julie N Ford