The Voice

It isn't very often that a show comes on that everyone in the family wants to watch. Together. We have a couple. "Psych" is definitely one of them and we usually watch "The Amazing Race" together (although if Sunday's episode is any indication, we may not love this season--not many people to like or cheer for).

"The Voice" is the latest show we all enjoy watching together. I love the concept. I love to hear good, interesting voices and the rapport between the judges (soon to be coaches) is usually entertaining. Last night we enjoyed Jamie and Matai a lot.

A few items of note (to me, at least):

  • I wish cute Adam Levine wasn't so inked up.
  • I can't help but laugh when they interview Cee Lo holding his cat.
  • I'd want my son or daughter to choose Blake as their coach.
  • It's funny to see how hard it is for Cee Lo to reach his button.
  • It seems to me that Christina can't make a decision unless one of the guys does first. Maybe that's because last  year her team was flat-out awful.
  • I really like Carson Daly as host and prefer his genuine awkwardness to Ryan Seacrest's slickness any day.
  • I wish someone would please make Christina wear real clothes. Her hair and clown makeup is bad enough but having to look at those nasty, fake you-know-whats brings down the show a few notches.

Looking forward to the rest of the season. It's not too late to start watching. I won't be watching American Idol again. I like The Voice so much better.


Rebecca Adams said...

I haven't watched American Idol since Simon left, but I started watching The Voice last season on hulu and I LOVE it! I love that it's a singing competition not based off of what you look like. It's only based on your VOICE! That means it's a real singing competition... unlike A.I. where a lot of the singers there didn't have the best voices, but they stuck around because they were "cute" or "hot". Haha! I have many of the same thoughts as you about the show and the judges. I also have to smile when I see Cee Lo with his cat. It's very random! Why does he always have his cat?

Kristi said...

We started watching this season and have liked the concept. I am not really sure what the format is like after the blind judging, but so far we like it. We liked those same people you said. I always feel so bad when none of the judges turn around. Ouch.

Stephanie said...

Too funny Karey. Your list is almost exactly the same as mine. I'm not sure why cute guys ink themselves all up, I giggle every time I see Cee Lo and his fluffy cat, Blake is my favorite, and Christina... please! At least she made my 11 year old uncomfortable and prompted us to have a little discussion about modesty.

ashley said...

Aww I love all your points and I can't help but lol when I see that cat either.

Leslie said...

i stopped watching american idol a couple of seasons ago and didn't watch 'the voice' until the end of the year last year because i was sick of singing competition shows...
but watching this year is a lot of fun. i really like blake. he is so funny and is so genuine. i have a crush on blake and adam... but wish the same thing about his inks. :)

Christina is just yucky and cee lo is quite fun, but i don't know anything about him at all.

Melissa said...

We love The Voice! Though, I wish someone would give Christina something with more fabric!

I love Cee Lo's cat! I always grin when they show him holding his white kitty, it's just sitting in his arms doing nothing but looking pretty.

I agree with all of your notes. Thanks for posting about The Voice! Enjoy the rest of the season!