44 Years Ago

(***This post should have gone up yesterday, but because I had to leave the giveaway up until midnight, I'm posting this today.***)

Forty-four years ago was one of my luckiest days. And I didn't even know it.

Why? Because it's the day Travis was born.

He'd later become a man who'd work hard and put up with all kinds of garbage to support our family.

He'd become a dad who loves and leads our children.

He'd grow up to be funny.

He'd grow up to love sports.

He'd become someone willing to serve others and make sacrifices.

He'd become someone who can see a problem and figure out ways to fix it.

He'd become an amazing man.

Happy birthday, Travis. I love you.


Kristi said...

Is that Bruce upside down and spread eagle in that picture with Travis's head popping out...on a zip line?
Ha! Travis is great, so funny.
Happy Birthday!

Tawnie said...

Happy birthday Travis! You are one of the best!!
Great picture.

missy said...

A nice tribute! I've been thinking about you today. Hope life is happy in your little corner of the world! :)

Anonymous said...

Look at Travis, "just hangin' in" there. He is really good at "just hangin' in" and taking care of whatever issues come along. Some great and some not so fun. Travis, you are a terrific guy. Great husband, great father, great son in law and we love you. thanks for being part of our family. Love, Mom and Dad Higginson