One of the Reasons I Love Him

Today we drove to Bountiful for my nephew Jack's baptism. The drive takes almost an hour. Just after we left home, we ran into the store to pick up a couple of necessities. When the girls and I got back to the car, Travis was on his cell phone with XM Radio technical support, trying to get his radio working again. (It comes with his business car and has a great 80s station that the whole family enjoys.)

The radio hasn't been working for a week and this was his 8th call to them. In addition to the calls, he'd taken his car to the dealer to have it checked. They discussed the problem and tried a few things. He waited while she tried to get information that would solve the problem and I wrote down a few codes and phone numbers for him since he was driving.

Technical difficulties make me irritable and frustrated and after 8 calls, most of us would be losing our minds, but Travis joked with the technical support woman and during the 40 minutes he was on the phone with her, they discussed the radio, music, a tragic skiing accident, his father and mother-in-law's mission, his son's mission, my mission, and Travis's mission.

When he hung up, his radio wasn't yet fixed and there will need to be a 9th call, but somewhere in Tech Support Land there was a woman who'd just hit the jackpot when she picked up my husband's call. Instead of being yelled at or the recipient of frustrated sighs, she'd spent the call laughing, chatting and learning more about LDS missionaries than she'd known when she went to work. I'm sure she wishes all callers were as pleasant.


Anonymous said...

Great posting. Travis is truly a kind and respectful person to everyone. It is a pleasure to have him for a son-in-law. We love to be around when he keeps us laughing with his "one liners" and has a great sense of humor. And the greatest thing about Travis' sense of humor is that he is never off color with his funny comments. Hats of to Travis. LMH

Kristi said...

That is funny. Travis is funny. He always seems so pleasant, and apparently even in situations where many of us would have been frustrated.

Leslie said...

i have always thought that travis was one of the funniest people i know. this was a good posting.

someday your kids will think so as well. ;) i hope.

Anonymous said...

What a great guy and a great example to us all. Thanks for sharing this.

Shania Simpsons said...

It was so nice of your husband to stay calm as he talked to the technical support assistant. True, instead of being yelled at, I'm sure the woman had a good day because of your husband's call. BTW, was the radio fixed after the 9th call?