It's Been a Year

Happy Anniversary, Will and Kate.

I admit it. I watched several hours of wedding festivities last year. They called it the wedding of the century and although I think that's a little premature, I must admit, I was starry-eyed.

First of all, I've liked William for a long time. He handles himself with dignity and in spite of the paparazzi nipping at his heels, he's managed to stay pretty free of controversy. Then he picked Kate. A commoner. A stunning commoner, but still a commoner.  That makes me think he's pretty level-headed.

Then there's Kate. During their courtship, when he had a bout of cold feet, she didn't wallow or cling, even though there was a prince (and probably future king) at stake. She moved on. Lucky for him, he got smart before someone else won her heart.

And then there's her dress--elegant, classy, tasteful, modest, flattering. She looked breathtaking. She looked anything but common.

I hope they have more happiness and fidelity than many royals before them have experienced. I hope they're always as happy as they looked that day.

And I can't wait to see what their children look like.

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Anonymous said...

I guess I would be more enthralled with this couple if I had not read news articles that they traveled together, sharing the same accommodations, etc. etc. before they married. Sorry, but I am still old fashioned enough to believe that marriage before living together, etc. is the proper order of things. I know you feel this way as well. I just struggle with the decayed morals of society all over the world. I wasn't going to make this comment, but since no one else has commented, I wanted to let you know at least one person read this entry. (; LMH