By now most of you know I love basketball.


For me it's entertainment. It's a chance to put things aside and sit down with my family to watch a game. 

I love the Jazz.

LOVE THEM! I love their teamwork. I love that there isn't a Kobe Bryant or a LeBron James on the team. I love that instead of jealousy I see guys that pass the ball and are happy when someone else has a breakout game. I like that they seem to be friends. I like that when they're winning, Coach Corban doesn't sweat as much. I like that the old guys are teaching the young guys. 

I'm excited that they made it to the playoffs and I'd love to extend the Jazz season by a few more weeks.

Go Jazz!

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missy said...

I was a Jazz fan back in the Malone/Stockton days. Then I moved to the Midwest and we don't hear much of the Jazz out here. I'm glad to know they are still a team worth rooting for!