Bits and Pieces

TWENTY-seven years ago today. Love you and miss you, Bruce.

MY CONFESSION: Many of you have asked me about my half marathon. It didn't happen. Four of us were planning to run together and during the last six weeks of training, two of our group were sidelined with injuries. So that we could all do it together, we opted to do the 5K instead. Confession within a confession: I was relieved. During all my training, the most I'd run was 8 miles and that was really hard. If everyone had been able to do the half, I'd have certainly given it a go, but as it was, we had an enjoyable 5K run together. We'd have opted for a 10K but they didn't have one. Oh well. There will be other races later.

I'M HAVING a love/hate relationship with spring this year. I love the flowers. The trees are as beautiful as I've ever seen them. They've re-filled the pond behind our house. All is lovely.

However, the allergies are laying me out. I have a never-ending headache, I have Bill Clinton puffy bags under my eyes, my sneezes are scaring small children and hurting dog's ears, and my eyes feel like I've been swimming in poison oak tea.

WHEN RON ARTEST changed his name to Meta World Peace, he may have been trying to leave the demons of his violent past behind. Unfortunately for him (and especially for JamesHarden) the name change didn't actually change who he was. If all it would take is a name change, I'd change my name to Gorgeous Organized Best-seller. You could call me Gorgeous for short.

MY FRIEND MISSY posted this video and I wanted to share it with you. I know it's twelve minutes long, but if you're interested in happiness, you might want to invest that twelve minutes. I thought it was excellent and it's going to be part of our Family Home Evening this week. I'm going to use the tips he suggests and you watch, in 21 days, I'm going to be bursting with happiness.


missy said...

I'm right there with you on the allergies. Yesterday it felt like I was allergic to my allergy meds for all the good they did. Pure misery!! But our little chat cheered me right up. Thanks for that! :)

Tawnie said...

great video. love it. thanks for sharing. i'm sorry about your allergies. they've started for me too but i think it was you who told us about the costco brand of zyrtec and it works pretty good. thanks for that too. Good job on the 5k. who was the 4th person?

Leslie said...

your meta world peace paragraph was awesome. made me laugh.

i will watch that video for sure when i have more time. i look forward to being interested in happiness. :)

i miss you bruce.