Happy Birthday, Joe

Happy birthday, Joe. And this is a big one. You graduate from Primary. You become a deacon with all the priesthood responsibilities that come with that. You begin working on your Duty to God. You start going to Young Men's activities.

You're only two years away from stake dances.

And four years away from dating and driving.

And seven years away from leaving us to serve a mission.

You're becoming tall, and handsome. You say things that surprise me with their maturity and delight me with your cleverness.

You're developing your talents and your confidence.

I'm so glad you still want to sit with me and watch something together. You still want to share your day with me and you still ask for my advice. You still do your chores without complaining and you still tell me you love me.

I'm so proud of you and I love you so much. Happy birthday.


Tawnie said...

Happy Birthday Joe! You are a great young man and we love you lots. Hope you had a great day. We think of you every year because Thomas shares your birthday. Whoa! Enjoy the next few years. It goes fast.

Scott / Lori said...

We can't believe you and Anna have the nerve to graduate from Primary and leave us behind in there. Happy Birthday Joe! You are a super young man and we all love you. We are hoping to see you lots this summer.