Whitney Finalists - General Fiction

Disclaimer: It will be really hard for me to be impartial about these books. Gifted is one of the finalists and I AM THRILLED and because I lived it as I wrote it and grew to love the characters as I wrote, I still really like the book. In fact, I'd have to say it's my favorite of the bunch.

That being said, I am honored to be in the same category with New York Times best-selling authors, an academy award winner and someone who can easily be called LDS fiction royalty.

Being nominated has brought with it something I hadn't realized would happen. It has brought readers that wouldn't necessarily have read it if it hadn't been nominated. Some are reading for curiosity, some so they can vote. I've had some responses that were really nice. But there have also been some that were surprisingly harsh. This has definitely forced me to thicken my skin. Some days that's been easy, but some days have been tough. Even so, I'm still excited and honored.

The finalists are:
Before I Say Goodbye by Rachel Ann Nunes
Gifted by me
Evolution of Thomas Hall by Keith Merrill
The Walk: Miles to Go by Richard Paul Evans
The Wedding Letters by Jason F. Wright
I put a picture of Gifted because... well, because it's mine. I really enjoyed the The Evolution of Thomas Hall. His transformation was fascinating and many of the scenes made the book feel like I was reading a movie. The Walk was the first Richard Paul Evans book I've read and it made me want to read more. The Wedding Letters felt like a sweet, old-fashioned romance. Even though I think it was supposed to be happening in the present day, it had the feel of a story taking place fifty years ago. Before I Say Goodbye was an interesting story of choices and consequences and forgiveness.

Feel free to share your thoughts about this category.

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