Whitney Finalists - Romance

The romance category was one of the harder categories for me to judge. I liked most of the books and had read two of them before the finalists were announced. I'd liked both of those books a lot and had figured they'd end up being my top two. I was surprised to find that there were a couple of others that also captured my heart (I had to throw in a romantic sounding cliche. Sorry.)

The finalists were:
Borrowed Light by Carla Kelly
Captive Heart by Michele Paige Holmes
Count Down to Love by Julie N. Ford
The List by Melanie Jacobson
Not My Type by Melanie Jacobson

I liked all these books. It was hard for me to judge them because they were so different. Two are historical romances and three are contemporary romances. I usually prefer contemporary, but I have to say Borrowed Light was so good. The romance was subtle and mature. The characters were likable and the heroine was so charming and opinionated, I loved her.

Congratulations to Melanie Jacobson who had two finalists and writes witty and entertaining books that are going to make it hard for my daughters to find guys that measure up. My daughter just finished Twitterpated, Jacobson's newest book and liked it a lot, but as she was reading, she kept saying, "I shouldn't read books like this. There aren't guys like this out there and it's just setting me up for disappointment." I hope she's wrong. I hope she finds a wonderful guy that exceeds all the books she's read.

Count Down to Love was a guilty pleasure read. It was set in a Bachelor-type show, which I swore off of quite a few seasons ago, but in book form and in the hands of a talented author, it was sweet instead of sordid, fun instead of trashy, and entertaining without guilt instead of (ugh) entertaining with guilt.

If you've read any of these, please feel free to share your thoughts.

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Corinne said...

love, love, LOVE Carla Kelly! Her next book, Enduring Light is even better! The characters are so real. . .I just love how she writes!!!

Stephanie said...

I don't know who I'm going to vote for in this category! There was only one I didn't like, and even then, I liked the story, just not the writing style.

Ugh! This is a tough call!

And, by the way, way to go in reading all 35. I knew I couldn't handle that many, so I only took on 2 categories...